Jesse DeVore

CAMDEN COUNTY, Mo. — A school custodian at Oak Ridge Intermediate School has been charged with two counts of Class E Felony Sexual Misconduct Involving A Child Under 15, and authorities say he has a history of being reported for similar acts.

Jesse Warren DeVore, age 30, of Sunrise Beach, Mo., was charged on March 13 after a student reported Devore exposed himself to the student in the school bathroom on March 12. According to the probable cause statement for DeVore’s arrest, the student says he entered the bathroom and DeVore opened the large bathroom stall door and began to masturbate, with his pants around his ankles.

DeVore had been a custodian at Camdenton Middle School until recently, when he began to work at Oak Ridge Intermediate, according to the document.

The student, who was interviewed at Kids Harbor, reportedly said he was alarmed by DeVore and he ran into the small bathroom stall, closed the door, used the restroom, and then exited. He told authorities DeVore then exited the large stall again and was still masturbating, and the student ran out of the bathroom, according to the document. The student reported the incident to a teacher, who reported it to Principal Bob Currier; DeVore was removed from the campus pending notification of law enforcement and an investigation, authorities say.

The document says when DeVore was interviewed by a Camdenton Police officer, he denied having exposed himself to a student, but said he was using the restroom when several students came in and were acting wild, shouting “rape rape” and beating on his stall door, asking if the custodian was in there. He told authorities he saw the feet of multiple students under the door, according to the document. He reportedly said he stayed in the stall until the students left, and then he left the bathroom.

The investigating officer reported he went to the school and viewed security camera footage outside the bathroom, which showed DeVore going into the bathroom and only one student entering during the entire time DeVore was in there. The officer said the video showed the student exit the bathroom, visibly upset, talking to students in the hallway and pointing at the bathroom. The video showed the student began talking to a teacher, the officer said, noting no other students entered the bathroom at the time the student had been in there.

DeVore reportedly maintained his innocence even after being told the video did not support his version of the events. He was arrested and taken to Camden County Jail, and charged the following day.

A criminal record search on CaseNet does not reveal any crimes related to sexual misconduct for DeVore. However, the investigating officer noted DeVore had been a suspect in multiple past reported incidents. In one, he was accused of masturbating and exposing himself to a child in a Wal-Mart bathroom in October of 2013. He was also accused of exposing himself to a child outside his residence in October of 2015. However, DeVore was not charged in either of those incidents. The probable cause document also states DeVore was arrested in 2009 by the Webb City Police Department for Domestic Assault and a Controlled Substance allegation, but the status of both of those cases was Closed.


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