Jesse DeVore

LACLEDE COUNTY, Mo. — The testimony of students who say former Camdenton R-3 Schools janitor Jesse Devore exposed himself to them was found to be reliable in a hearing this week, in Laclede County Court.

Friday, November 6th, former Camdenton R-3 schools janitor Jesse Devore was the subject of a 491 hearing at Laclede County Courthouse at 1pm. Devore is represented by Attorney Stacy Patterson of Lebanon. The Camden County Court case was moved to Laclede County on a change of venue filed in July 2019 by Attorney Patterson. Judge Kenneth Hayden presided over the hearing, but Devore requested a different judge preside over his trial, so after the hearing the case was moved to Judge Deborah Daniels.

A 491 hearing in Missouri determines whether testimony from a child under the age of 14 are reliable and will be admissible in a case. At the hearing, Judge Hayden determined the multiple students who had given statements about Devore's alleged actions are reliable.

Case History

A twelve-year-old boy at Camdenton’s Oak Ridge Elementary accused Devore of masturbating in front of him in early 2019. Devore had also served as a custodian at Camdenton Middle School. At Kids Harbor, the child was interviewed, resulting from a report to the Principal Bob Currier, from the student’s teacher. The student reported that as he hid in a small bathroom stall, Devore left the large stall and was still exposing himself while masturbating, and the student ran from the bathroom. The principal removed DeVore from campus, and notified police, according to probable cause statements.

That incident resulted in Devore, 32, of Sunrise Beach, being charged with four counts of Sexual Misconduct with a child under 15, a first offense Class E felony.

A Chapter 491 hearing involves an alleged child victim, and the court may order a videoed deposition of testimony of the alleged child victim due to emotional and psychological trauma, allowing for the child to be sheltered from interaction with the accused while giving their statements about the alleged molestation.  On November 6th, the 491 hearing in Laclede County had four juvenile victims giving testimony that was deemed as reliable by the court, and from members of school staff and representatives of Kids Harbor.

Devore’s trial in Laclede County is pending with no trial date set as of press time.


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