CAMDENTON, Mo. — More jets could soon be flying in and out of Lake of the Ozarks, thanks to a runway expansion at the Camdenton Memorial Lake-Regional Airport. And a brand-new $4 million hangar will give those jets a place to stay.

The soon-to-be completed runway expansion will lengthen the runway by 1,000 feet, which makes the airport more accessible to large turboprops and jets.

A $5 million grant allowed that long-planned project to come to fruition. Airport Manager Corey Leuwerke explained in a prior interview, "Our main thing is we have a lot of larger aircraft requesting to come in… that’s why we’re expanding... The longer runway will allow more of them to come in."

In the Lake area, Lee C. Fine Airport has the longest runway, at 6,497 feet. But it's buried in Lake of the Ozarks State Park, so for planes and jets landing in the area, Camdenton is closer to much of the Lake than Lee C. Fine. Some, however, are forced to land at Lee C. Fine, since Camdenton's runway is only 4,000 feet. The extension project will stretch that runway to 5,000 feet.

With more large aircraft anticipated, an investment group saw an opportunity.

According to a person familiar with the project, the hangar will boast 10 individual jet hangars available for sale or lease.

The jet hanger project is anticipated to be completed by late spring of 2021.


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