LAKE OZARK, Mo. — A concrete truck driver was rattled Thursday morning when a deer hunter’s bullet missed him by just a few inches.

According to Scottie Martin, owner of Scott’s Concrete, his truck driver was headed down W Highway at around 8 a.m. on Thursday, Nov. 19, when he heard glass breaking behind him.

That’s all he heard, but when he looked closer, his seatbelt—the six-inch span between his shoulder and the driver’s side door—had been nicked. “He said, ‘I knew it was a gunshot,’” Martin said.


No exit hole was found in the truck, but from the angle it appeared the bullet came in, Martin suspects it went out the passenger-side window, which was rolled down when the incident took place. The rear glass has a sticker reading "I'm speeding cos I need a poo!" accompanied by an image of a guy on a toilet; the bullet missed that guy too.

Firearms season for deer is currently underway in Missouri; the main season this year runs from Nov. 14–24. Hunters in the Lake of the Ozarks area—Miller, Camden, and Morgan counties—reported harvesting 8,265 deer during the main firearms portion of deer season last year.

Martin filed a report with the Miller County Sheriff’s Department, though he acknowledged there was likely not much they could do. His main goal is to raise awareness among hunters: if they’re hunting a high-powered rifle, they need to be aware of whether people, homes, or roads could be in the bullet path, and avoid shooting in a direction that could hurt, or kill, someone. “It could have been a kid or a school bus going by,” he pointed out, noting if his driver had even shifted positions slightly, he may have been killed.

His truck driver is lucky to be alive, Martin said, adding, “I told him two things. Call your wife. And go buy a lottery ticket.”


In July, a driver on Y Road in Linn Creek was hit in the neck by a stray bullet...