Iconic PowerQuest Boats Return To Lake Of The Ozarks

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Iconic PowerQuest Boats Return To Lake Of The Ozarks

When you travel a long time, the trip becomes a journey. When you finally arrive at your destination, you look back and realize it was a voyage. For Dan Suchocki and Cindy Buckley, it has been an interesting voyage indeed: one that led them to bring an iconic powerboating brand back to Lake of the Ozarks in 2019.

Dan has been boating since he was 5 years old. He met his wife, Cindy, who shares his passion for boating, which can be a hard match to find.

They purchased their first PowerQuest boat in 2000, and it did not take long for them to develop a passion for the product. With Dan’s experience and instincts for boating, he quickly saw the quality in the PowerQuest line of boats. According to Dan, most PowerQuest owners don’t let go of their boats. They also typically take meticulous care of their boats: when you see a PowerQuest on Lake of the Ozarks, it usually looks like new, despite that the last new PowerQuest—a 2006 model—came off the production line in 2005.

That’s also the year Dan and Cindy first came to Lake of the Ozarks. A 25-year Master Tech for Mercury, Dan is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to Mercury motors. So they started a business where he works on the latest projects in the shop, while Cindy handles the business end of the company.

Their first business at the Lake was PDQ Marine, the Lake area Lowe Tritoon dealer, founded in 2009. As the business grew, it needed a new home, so in October of 2016, Voyage Marine and Storage LLC was created, and they started building a new facility at 347 Horseshoe Bend Parkway, just west of the intersection with Bagnell Dam Boulevard. It opened in July of 2017, and serves both PDQ Marine and Voyage Marine and Storage.

That was a huge year for PDQ and Voyage, but 2019 will be one they remember fondly, too. PowerQuest boats has been rebooted, and Dan and Cindy are now the exclusive dealer for PowerQuest at Lake of the Ozarks. The first 2020 PowerQuest 380 Avenger, an award-winning model, has arrived at the Lake, and is now on display at Voyage Marine and Storage. The serial number: 001. Yes, this boat is for sale.

When you first view the PowerQuest 380 Avenger, it will look longer than 38 feet. That is a deliberate design that uses the hull and the graphics to give an “infinity” look. The current hull design is the same as its predecessors, but is structurally stronger thanks to better materials and technology advances since the last PowerQuest was built more than a decade ago. The new model is actually a stronger boat, made with less material. Less material means less weight, which equates to more speed.

This new 2020 PowerQuest 380 Avenger is powered by twin Mercury 520s, for a total of 1040 horsepower. The motors are matched with ITS (“Integrated Transom Steering,” for the novices out there), and a Mercury Bravo One XR drive. This is a race-proven gear housing with enhanced reliability and durability. According to Dan, “You can load this boat up with people, and still achieve 75 miles per hour, quickly.” Dan entered the boat in the Shootout last weekend, and during the second pass reached a speed of 79 miles per hour. This was a first place win for its class, continuing its winning ways.

Other specs on this model:

Length: 37 feet, 9 inches

Beam: 8 feet, 6 inches

Dry weight: 8,900 pounds

Fuel Capacity: 165 gallons

The boat is priced at $359,000. Out of range for the average boater, perhaps, but a very attractive price point for a boat-buyer seeking a go-fast v-hull. Other boat lines with similar models in size and quality may be priced in the $500,000 to $600,000 range. And with the way PowerQuest owners love their boats and stay loyal to the brand, this model will likely maintain a good resale value.

Other models will be coming in the near future: another 380 model and a 280 single-engine model are both on order. The new PowerQuest company will eventually be offering a full line of boats in addition to these.

With almost 20 years of PowerQuest ownership, Dan and Cindy seem like the right choice for the dealership here at the Lake. Their love of the brand is unquestionable. But don’t take their word for it: if you haven’t driven one, just ask any PowerQuest owner, and the praise you hear is all you will need to convince you to put a new PowerQuest in your dock.

Dan and Cindy are anxious to see who will purchase the first new PowerQuest boat. They hope it will stay here at Lake of the Ozarks, but they know they can’t control that. Just like Dan and Cindy, every PowerQuest owner has their own voyage to take. Let’s hope plenty of them set their course for Lake of the Ozarks.

PowerQuest Boats Return To Lake Of The Ozarks