"It happened..."

That's how Gerry Murawski began his admission to LakeExpo that he did indeed pay for a prostitute while an elected official (an alderman at the time) in the City of Lake Ozark. The relevant audio clip from LakeExpo's 42-minute interview with Murawski, in which he admitted to the crime, is below.

Murawski said the girl — whom he admits paying for sex in 2015 — told him she was 20. However, the FBI and Columbia Police Department say she was 16, according to a later investigation document. In that case, Murawski's actions could constitute statutory rape, a Class D Felony now, but a Class C Felony in 2015, which held a term of up to seven years in prison.

The relevant FBI & Columbia PD documents from 2016 in which Murawski admitted to them, as well, that he did pay for sex with the girl, are below.



LakeExpo Editor: "It very explicitly says that you told them you paid for a prostitute and she turned out to be 16. And Missouri law at that time would have made that a Class..."

Murawski: "Oh, God, yeah. Well first I do not... I never had... this is the first time I ever heard that she was 16. It happened. I'm gonna tell you that. I'd rather you didn't print that, obviously, um, I thought she was 20. That's what I believe she had told me. Um... I... I grant you, I made a mistake. But I hate to have to pay for that, by the way."

-Investigative Documents-

In this excerpt of a report by MSHP Investigator Darrin Haslag, the investigator references the 2016 FBI and Columbia Police Department interview of Gerry Murawski, noting the girl Murawski admitted paying for sex was, according to the FBI, 16 years old at the time. (Relevant portion highlighted by LakeExpo)

-Original Story-


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