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The Weirdest, Wildest, And Most Incredible Stories From 2021 At Lake Of The Ozarks

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You can say plenty about life at Lake of the Ozarks, but you can't say it's boring.

Here are 11 of the strangest, most incredible stories from the Lake this year, published by the LakeExpo news team.

#1. The Great Freeze

In a record-setting arctic blast that plunged the Midwest and southern U.S. into frigid temperatures for days, the Lake of the Ozarks froze. Solid. To keep Missourians' furnaces running, Bagnell Dam operators had to run the dam at nearly max generation. That created a terrible situation for many dock owners, though, whose docks—bound by ice—were damaged due to the water dropping beneath the ice level.

#2. Write-In Win

In an incredible turn of events, write-in candidate Dennis Newberry won the Lake Ozark mayoral race by a landslide. Newberry's late entrance into the race came after LakeExpo's exposé on then-mayor Gerry Murawski.

#3. Mouse In The Green Beans

Del Monte customer support originally told the family it was probably just mold. "I was like no, this has fur and meat attached to it," Courtney Pannell said. Third-party lab testing confirmed: small mammal. No word if the protein content on the nutrition label was adjusted accordingly. 

#4. Peanut Poisoning

Pro-tip: if you don't like someone, don't stuff peanuts into their coffee can. Just talk it out.

#5. Houseboat Pulled Off The Lake Floor

It had been a fish house for long enough: this houseboat was jamming-up a homeowner's dock plans. So Hart Diving & Salvage floated it right up into the dock slip. It was covered in grunge and only had sludge about two feet deep inside! That'll buff right out.

#6. Mind-Blowing Drone Flight

When we came across this video, we played it in the LakeExpo office. Over, and over. The aerobatics are absolutely stunning.

#7. Handcuffed Cop Car Theft

Handcuffs are supposed to keep you from doing things like stealing a cop car, breaking into a home, and hiding underneath a dock. But authorities say this dude did all three of those things. Double-jointed, maybe?

#8. Landslide!

A hillside is collapsing in a Lake area neighborhood, and taking the road with it. The fix is going to be really expensive...

#9. Family's Dog Found In Utah

A Lake area family's dog was stolen, and then found in Utah. This one is just plain wild!

#10. Suspicious Sick Note

When the letter allegedly from a doctor came to Camden County's courthouse requesting leave from this man's court date, authorities say it came from an unsecured GMail account and listed maladies such as "head and face broken." That raised suspicion, and he's now facing forgery charges.

#11. A Messy Misstep

You know that feeling when you're fighting a fire and then suddenly you're swimming in a vat of sewage?

Well this firefighter does. We're glad he's okay and hope someday he can laugh about it. Until then, definitely nobody else is laughing about it. Right?