Dustin Racen was looking for an interesting way to draw attention to his Lake of the Ozarks restaurant, Lake House 13, named for its placement on the 13 Mile Marker of the country's most popular recreational lake.

A viral drone video in which an incredibly skilled pilot did a one-shot take of a Minneapolis bowling alley caught his eye.

Racen reached out to that drone pilot, Jay Christensen, as well as Director Jourdan Gomez, and they began planning what is arguably the coolest Lake of the Ozarks video ever made. The one-shot take begins in Lake House 13's cove and zooms past a wakesurfer, through highly synchronized action moments at the restaurant including a chef passing an order through the expo window (through which the drone also flies!), a "surfboards up" group shot at the bar, and a toppling Jenga tower. The accompanying music is a perfect blend of upbeat and carefree.

“We took quite a bit of time to figure out the flight path and all the different points of action that you see throughout,” Racen said

About a dozen different points of action were queued, and a wireless mic at the restaurant told everybody when the drone was coming. The pilot, Christensen, sat in the grass next door, with his VR goggles on. The flight path was not pre-programmed; Christensen free-handed it.

Racen said they did six takes and kept the best one. It is, in a word, jaw-dropping. Check the video out below...

On a warm May Thursday afternoon people gather at the local watering hole to enjoy life. Cold drinks, good food, live music, and great company were enjoyed by all. Long live Lake House 13!


This is from Lake Race 2021 from the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks.

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Video: Lake TV DOP Andrew Evans

video submitted by Brian Butts