CAMDENTON, Mo. – The Board of Aldermen is steering to change building codes impacting dock owners. The Board voted Tuesday to approve the first reading of a bill to amend code to prevent lakefront electrocution. Specifically, it requires compliant breakers and forces the disconnection of non-compliant systems.  

Sandy Osborn asked the a second reading be delayed until March to give Aldermen and the public time to review the proposed changes to Chapter 500, Section 500-030H.

Electrical engineers and local electricians in collaboration with Ameren Missouri developed the current code in 2005-06. 

They now need revisions consistent with surrounding jurisdictions and according to the National Electrical Code 2011 that requires a “readily Accessible Location [for] the service disconnect … outside of every building and structure, [including] remodels … unless the Code Official or his designee exempts it from the requirement. Each occupant shall have access to the disconnect serving the building, structure or space.” 

In addition, the service disconnect shall be a breaker type switch “within six (6) feet of the entrance ramp and at the height of forty-two (42) inches above finished grade or surface.” Furthermore, “existing service or feeder service conductors to a dock not meeting the current requirements shall not continue as installed.”


Bill 2616-16 was unanimously approved. It authorizes the City of Camdenton to award a contract to Donald Maggi Inc. of Rolla, Mo., for road and drainage improvement on Clint Avenue and Hazelwood Terrace. The Donald Maggi company was the low bid.

The Board also authorized a minor subdivision of lots 1 through 5, 9 through 11, and part of lot 8, block 9 on property owned by William Wunderlich of High Ridge. City staff recommended approval for the minor subdivision.

Parks Director Larry Bennett reported three bids for the tennis courts were higher than anticipated and budgeted, exceeding estimates provided by an engineering firm assisting on the project. The Parks department and City will now weigh their options and try to provide a report to the Board on March 1.

On February 11 and 12, the Parks department registered more than 100 for the upcoming Little League season. Sometime in late March, the City will organize and host several baseball clinics for coaches and umpires. Players’ skills clinics will also be announced soon.

In addition, the City has set a date for Pitch, Hit and Run, a Major League Baseball outreach opportunity for America’s youth. The date for Pitch, Hit and Run is April 30.

Airport Manager Corey Leuwerke reported all hangars at the Camdenton Memorial Lake Regional Airport are now leased. This is the first time in five years all hangars have been occupied.

CORRECTION: In the original version of this story, due to an editing error, Alderman Sandy Osborn was incorrectly identified as Nancy Osborn. LakeExpo apologizes for the error and any confusion it may have caused.


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