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A Restaurant Run His Way: A Tribute To Joe Boer, Owner Of The Potted Steer & Blue Heron

Joe Boer set the standard for all fine dining at the Lake to follow. We all benefit from his tireless efforts.

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Dining At The Blue Heron

With the recent passing of Joe Boer, the culinary torch has officially been passed to others who follow. Many of whom owe their training to his rigorous and meticulous methods of excellence.

Joe’s unwavering quest to be the best served him well, as it did for all that frequented his establishments. Consistently superb cuisine was his hallmark, hiring some of what would be the brightest and finest the Lake of the Ozarks has to offer today.

He never gave in to any kind of mediocrity. His pension for frugality was famous, as he rung the best deal possible and then some from his suppliers and vendors. But running a tight ship is what kept him afloat in what was a very seasonal business.

His final restaurant was The Blue Heron, but it was 47 years ago that The Potted Steer opened in Osage Beach. Its atmosphere rang true to Joe's Dutch upbringing. Its clean, lovely, old-world feeling evoked a sense of well-being for all that came. His no-reservation policy, made the famous and the common man wait for a table together, and that ultimately brought a smile. This was fine dining done his way. A way, today, that sets the bar for anyone who attempts it to follow. I can promise you, he’s looking down making sure those napkins are pressed, right along with the servers uniforms.

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