LAKE OZARK, Mo. — The outpouring of support for the Lake Ozark Police Department continues.

Two weeks after Dennis Reese and Springfield Armory donated new weapons and accessories for every LOPD officer including reserves, Lake Ozark businessman George Tucker has donated $7,500 strictly for use by the department for the benefit of its officers.

On Tuesday, the Lake Ozark Board of Alderman voted to honor Tucker with a resolution expressing their appreciation for his support of the city's police department. 

"The Board of Alderman of the City of Lake Ozark, Missouri publicly expresses its appreciation to Mr. Tucker for his generosity to the Police Benevolent Fund and his other contributions to our community," said the City of Lake Ozark in the resolution. 

Police Chief Gary Launderville told the board that he took a call from Tucker about a month ago asking what he could do for LOPD officers. Tucker said he wanted to make sure any donation would go to LOPD officers. 

The chief explained that because of budgetary restrictions, any donation couldn’t be put in the in the city’s general fund with guarantees it would be used for the LOPD. He said Tucker insisted the money be used for the LOPD and not for general city expenses such as filling potholes. “I want this for the betterment of the police officers,” Tucker told the chief. The only way that could happen, Launderville explained, was for a donation be made to the Lake Ozark Police Benevolent Police Association.

Launderville says the donation was made to that association, which steps in to help with equipment costs, if they're not in the department's budget.

Resolution Thanking George Tucker