Outerlimits Powerboats

Driving an Outerlimits boat is like driving a brand new Lamborghini.

Racing fans look forward to seeing the wide range of boats roaring down the course at the Lake of the Ozarks 2014 Shootout. Among the many boats on the course, racers will have the chance to see Outerlimits boats race down the Lake for the 2014 Shootout.

Outerlimits builds sleek, luxurious, high-performance powerboats. These high-quality watercraft are expertly crafted and customized to buyers’ specifications. The company’s obsessive attention to detail in the design process makes driving an Outerlimits boat like driving a brand new Lamborghini. Along with their good looks, Outerlimits boats offer impeccable performance. Light carbon fiber creates a flawless and fast piece of art. The company’s slogan perhaps says it all: “Comfort, safety, and elegance meet performance with no compromise.”

Outerlimits Powerboats have been named the universe’s fastest v-bottom boats, after Joe Srgo and Brian Forehand broke the World V-Bottom Kilo Speed Record in a 43-foot Outerlimits. It's safe to say that Outerlimits Powerboats are becoming a superpower in the racing world.

Owner and founder of Outerlimits Powerboats, Mike Fiore, is also a proud racer in the Shootout, driving and throttling his own personal Outerlimits boat. This year he's bringing the boat that won the 2008 World Championship in Key West, and the United States National Championship in Clearwater, Fla.: Snowy Mountain Brewery. Mike Fiore and his throttleman, Matthew Janssen, also known as the “Cutting Edge Team,” plan to push this 30-foot Outerlimits powerboat to the limit at this year’s Shootout. Their gameplan? “We are going to try and keep the record by being consistent.”

Outerlimits Marker 17 Marine


Outerlimits At The Lake

Outerlimits sells many of its boats directly from its headquarters in Bristol, Rhode Island. Beyond that, only one dealer in the entire United States is currently certified to sell Outerlimits, and that is Performance Boat Center, at Lake of the Ozarks. Located in Camdenton, Mo., Performance Boat Center is one of the largest powerboat dealerships in the country, specializing in buying and selling performance (and pleasure) boats. And for customers who want an Outerlimits, Performance Boat Center has the company’s SL-36 and SL-52 V-bottoms in stock, ready to hit the water.

Originally, the company was named Performance Boat Brokerage. Brett Manire had worked there for a year and a half when he decided it was time for a change. He joined forces with long-time friend and customer Mark Waddington, and together they bought the brokerage company and began the re-formation and evolution of what has become the premier, comprehensive boating center on the Lake of the Ozarks: Performance Boat Center.

Manire says the company began selling Outerlimits boats in 2012, and he chose the brand because of its technology, speed, and handling. “They’re ahead of their times, as far as design,” he said.

Performance Boat Center’s newest development, however, is a unique, luxurious club where boaters can refuel, unwind, and even do a little shopping: Redhead Yacht Club. Located on the 21 Mile Marker of the Lake of the Ozarks, Redhead Yacht Club offers more than 100 boat slips, boat sales, indoor and outdoor storage, and a fuel dock. Coming soon, alongside Redhead Yacht Club will be Bikinis Pool Bar — one of the largest of its kind on the Lake. The full-service bar will offer a perfect place to relax, have a drink, and cool off on a hot, summer day.

With a record-setting course and innovative design, Outerlimits boats have set a high standard in the world of performance boating. At the Shootout, fans who crave the extreme limits of performance will find that and more when Outerlimits boats pull up to the starting line.


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