Boeing confirmed this morning that one of their F-15 aircraft went supersonic on Wednesday rattling Lake of the Ozarks. 

The sonic boom shook houses and started a firestorm of online speculation. 

Several news outlets incorrectly reported the sonic boom came from a plane from Whiteman Airforce Base. This unverified information reverberated through social media.

Whiteman Air Force Base said, “Whiteman AFB was not flyover around the Lake of the Ozarks area today,” in an email from a Whiteman spokeswoman. 

Boeing, which also occasionally does flights over Lake of the Ozarks, said in an email from a spokesman: "The sonic booms were likely the result of a normal customer acceptance flight of an F-15 aircraft operated by a Boeing aircrew, as required by customer contract." 

Although LakeExpo asked Boeing about the incident on Wednesday, it took until Friday morning for the aerospace company to issue the official response.