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E-SeaRider Solves Your Boat's Seating Problems, In Comfort & Style

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The best boating products are sometimes the simplest, the ones that solve universal problems. When it comes to boating on rough water, E-SeaRider is the solution for comfort.

E-SeaRider marine bean bags have been known to the deep-water fishing scene along the coasts of Florida, but this is the first season they were spotted on Lake of the Ozarks.

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LakeExpo tested out E-SeaRiders on a 1999 Donzi 30ZF Center Con named Shady Raider. And when we say we tested them, we’re not talking about a joy ride on a Wednesday with a spunky video crew. We tested four E-SeaRiders as a full couch across the stern for an entire summer of wear and tear, including runs as long as Four Corners to Truman Dam, multiple Poker Runs, and from Bagnell Dam to the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout, in some of the roughest conditions at the most popular Lake in the Midwest.

E-SeaRiders are easy to order online, from

Shady Raider had a comfort issue: just not enough good seating. Our gas-dock buddy told us about marine bean-bag chairs; he had seen them all over Destin, Florida. Quick Google search: E-Sea Rider was the clear winner. We started online, but ended up calling customer service with questions about the various styles and measures. We were surprised when a co-owner of the family manufacturing business answered the phone to help us choose the right style and custom size to make the perfect wedge-style couch to spec across the stern from gunwale to gunwale. The marine-grade vinyl matched our upholstery perfectly.

Shipping was fast, real fast — and could have been faster with a one-day delivery option.


Excited to try them out, LakeExpo’s First Lady was the first to test the new ‘E-Sea Ride’ from Linn Creek Cove to Truman Dam and back. It was a smooth round-trip with normal boat traffic, as she sat in an E-SeaRider on the starboard side, with her arm on the gunwale, boat drink in hand. She did not spill even once in 137 miles (well at least, she didn’t spill because of the water conditions). The First Lady approved, after being fairly insistent for a year that we sell the flagship to buy something more family-friendly with comfortable seating for the kids. E-SeaRider kept us in Shady Raider and made the wife happy — win-win.


Every year, the LakeExpo crew makes the run to the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout for racecourse photography. For those in the boating world living under a rock, the Shootout is the largest unsanctioned boat race in the nation at the #1 Recreational Lake in the U.S.A. (USA Today reader poll). We’ve been making the stretch from the Bagnell Dam to the Hurricane Deck for more than a decade in the roughest interior Lake around. The crew agrees: E-SeaRider made what can be exhilarating for some and miserable for others, into a ridiculously comfortable ride.


And when the racecourse shut down for two hours for a thunderstorm, we tied to a nearby dock (with permission), threw the four E-SeaRiders out onto the deck and took cover in style. One of our friends from SpeedOnTheWater even took a nap, E-SeaRider style (yeah, we’re talking about you, señor Shoot2Thrill).

Many runs with family and friends passed before our trip with the kids to the beach at Franky & Louie’s on a Saturday in July. All the vibrant Adirondacks were taken by the crowd on the beach. So, we grabbed two E-SeaRiders, using the nylon hand strap for easy carrying down to the dock, and sat them under the last tiki for shade. We watched the kids play on the beach, sitting comfortably, frozen drink in hand. After dinner, we threw the E-SeaRiders back in the boat, and the kids fell asleep laying across them on the cruise home.


Beach sand, pollen, dirt, spider crud: it’s the life of a boat at Lake of the Ozarks. The E-SeaRider marine-grade vinyl wipes clean every single time — no matter how long it bakes in the sun.

The E-SeaRiders rolled through the summer season, holiday weekends, friends and family on the busiest powerboating destination in the Midwest.

The only downside, and I mean the… only downside, is when two e-SeaRiders caught wind at 55 mph and flipped out into the Lake. Of course, myriad ways to avoid that, in hindsight. Anyways, if it does happen? E-SeaRiders float.

Get your E-SeaRiders at They’re the perfect holiday gift for the boater in your life. Even if that boater is you.