It's not very common that a dock company gets a call about removing a boat from a dock roof. But after a wild boat crash the night of July 3, that's the call Rough Water Dock received.

The Baja powerboat had vaulted the dock deck upon colliding with it, and the bow had punched through the top of the dock, as the boat came to rest on a combination of the dock roof structure and a pontoon beneath it.


The dock was seriously damaged, and there were concerns that removing the boat may break off several of the dock slips completely—leaving them to possibly sink, being no longer anchored to the shore and unsteadily drifting.

But the boat had to be removed.

So Rough Water Dock brought a barge, with a telehandler/boom lift on one end, and weight stacked on the other, to balance the barge. Then time-tested, Ozarks ingenuity went on display, as the telehandler slowly pulled the boat out, the same way it went in.

The whole process was nerve-wracking, but in one especially harrowing moment, the boat came free of the dock roof and crashed hard down onto the pontoon below. Then, as the boat was nearly in the water, the whole process had to be paused because its lower-end was about to be pulled onto the front edge of the barge, which could sink the barge, with the telehandler and driver inside. So instead of pulling the boat any closer to the barge with the telehandler, the barge was pulled away from the dock, and the boat slid into the water, without a hitch.

Here's the video of the whole process, and a photo series below.


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