Dust-Covered Vehicles After Major Storm

You may have gone out to your car this morning and seen a layer of dust on your windshield. It was likely due to last night storms that kicked up strong winds across southern Missouri and Kansas. 

Wednesday night's storms caused high winds (including wind gusts of up to 90 mph in some areas) that caused property damage and other infrastructure problems, including downed power lines in Kansas City that left thousands without power.

Thankfully, Lake of the Ozarks was largely unhit by damage, except everyone now needs a car wash. A layer of dirt coated cars, windows and buildings. Where exactly did it come from? We spoke with a representative with the National Weather Service to find out more.

“The dust you saw got carried from that strong storm system that we saw yesterday. It was quite a dust storm in Western and Central Kansas that got carried into the atmosphere and carried into the area,” the NWS meteorologist said. They went on to say that existing dust storms in Colorado may have also contributed to the layer of dust that settled at the Lake, hundreds of miles away. 

So when you run your vehicle through the car wash today, know that you're washing away dust from Kansas or Colorado that traveled hundreds of miles just to land on your windshield.

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