Espresso Martini

Make it a JB Hooks Happy Hour anytime with their Espresso Martini recipe!

Espresso Martini at JB Hook’s 

Prepare a martini glass with chocolate sauce, painting designs along the inside surface. 

Drop 3 coffee beans into the bottom of the glass. These signify Health, Happiness and Prosperity. 

Grind fresh beans into a fine grain about the size of table salt. Set aside.

Blend together a single shot of each of the following: espresso, Absolut Vanilla Vodka, and Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur. Shake well in a martini shaker (no ice). 

Pour the vodka blend into the glass, directing the pour at the beans in the bottom, center so as not to smear the chocolate swirled on the sides. 

Drizzle and/or swirl more chocolate sauce on the top of the frothy vodka blend. With a toothpick, connect the chocolate stripes or circles into a design of your own making. Dust with ground coffee.

Slice a plump maraschino cherry about ½ inch from the bottom to the center and place it on the rim of the glass for garnish and taste.

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