CAMDEN COUNTY, Mo. — A proposed RV resort at the Lake is likely a nonstarter, after a vote by the Camden County Planning & Zoning Commission last week.

The P&Z commission voted to recommend denial of a request by Raymond Anderson to rezone a former failed lakefront Yurt Resort (a yurt is a round tent-like structure) from R-1 Low Density Residential to B-2 General Commercial. Owner Raymond Anderson originally requested the rezoning on the approximately 25-acre property for developing an RV Park. Residents that live near the property opposed the idea at a public hearing in October.

The property is located on Yurt Road, off Lake Road 5-58/Thong Tree Road in Camdenton. The surrounding properties are zoned R-1 Low Density Residential and A-R Agricultural/Residential. 

Anderson had also suggested he might use the property for senior or low-income housing, if the business rezone was approved. 

According to the county, the previous owner, Larry Owens, erected 10 yurts on the property without obtaining the proper P-2 Commercial Parks zoning required for this type of commercial activity. The P&Z Commission denied Owen’s request for P-2 Commercial Parks Zoning for the yurt complex in 2005, which was also opposed by nearby residents. 

100 residential structures

Anderson’s business partner, Lance Cartwright, attended the Wednesday, Nov. 15 P&Z meeting, and spoke on behalf of Anderson. 

"We appreciate the community’s concerns," Cartwright began. In an attempt to diffuse the comments of opposition during the public hearing on the case, he addressed concerns about businesses being next to residential properties. “There are other businesses on the same road and their property would be worth more with a business in the neighborhood."

Concerning safety, he added, “Ray and I both have grandchildren, and we want them to be safe too.” He reminded the P&Z commission that the county would receive very little revenue from low-income housing, but they could collect a good amount of sales tax revenue from a business. 

Commissioners voiced concerns about the road not being adequate for large RVs. But Cartwright pointed to a condominium project near the residential area. “They drove large equipment in to construct those units, and I found no road deterioration,” he said.  

P&Z Chairman Jacob Nuesche added that in city plans, businesses are usually maintained along a highway, with residential areas located behind the highway. “There is quite a bit of distance from the businesses to this property,” Nuesche inserted. “The property is getting too far back and into the middle of a residential subdivision.” 

Cartwright alluded to Anderson's prior statement that if he did not receive the rezone, he would divide the property and construct more than 100 homes. 

Commissioners voiced concerns about what the property could be used for (with a business rezone) after it was sold, or deeded to someone else. 

The P&Z commission voted against the rezone. Their recommendation will be sent to the county commission for their decision, after a public hearing to gain public comment, in December. 

Long preliminary plat approved

In other business, the P&Z commission approved a request by Jordan Lee and Addison D. Long for a preliminary plat for Howe Long Subdivision. The property consists of two lots located at 65 Caviness Drive in Camdenton. 

The property is zoned R-1 Low Density Residential, as are the parcels to the south. The parcels on the east and west are zoned B-2 General Commercial, as well as the parcels to the north across South Business Route 5. The future construction and the final plat must conform to the Unified Land Use Code.  

The next meeting of the Camden County Planning and Zoning Commission is scheduled at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 20 at the Camden County Courthouse.

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