A Lake of the Ozarks subdivision on the Gravois Arm will be connected to central sewer, after aging, metal septic tanks were found to be leaking into the ground, and likely the water nearby.

The subdivision, located in the Moffitt Point area, off Route P in Gravois Mills, on the Gravois Arm of the lake, was flagged by the Morgan County Health Center due to leaking septic tanks.

The district was approached by Morgan County Environmental Public Health Specialist Jim Miller, asking if there was anything they could do to help. After investigating the problem and their current Phase 4 Sewer Extension project budget, the district board approved assisting with upgrading the system. 

“We went and took a look and found that there are 14 homes that have common septic tanks and a septic system where the tanks were leaking,” Gravois Arm Sewer District Board President Jim Bresnahan explained. “We see this a lot in Morgan County. Many of these metal tanks have been here since the 1930’s and 1940’s and they rust and leak. We want people to be able to swim and boat without worry, and that is why we are working to clean up the Gravois Arm.” According to Bresnahan, the Rocky Mount Sewer District is currently starting a Phase 2 project that will help clean up a portion of the other side of the Gravois Arm.

The cost to upgrade the system will come from contingency funds in the District’s Phase 4 project. “Contingency funds are built into every project contract, to be used for unexpected problems. We never want to not use these funds,” Bresnahan explained. 

Bresnahan said metal tanks were a bad idea. “Concrete tanks last longer,” he said. “And there are tons of tanks just like this,” Bresnahan said. “There are several other neighborhoods in our district with the same problem.”

The district is operating in the black, with an annual income of approximately $800,000. Money is set aside for emergencies, and after expenses, the district is required to set aside money for loans, operations, maintenance and replacement. The bill for a residential sewer customer has been $63 a month, since 2015. Businesses pay a $68.64 base rate, plus variables, depending on usage and size. When the Phase 4 project is complete, the district will serve approximately 1,100 customers.


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