JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Governor Mike Parson signed 19 pieces of legislation into law on Thursday, July 11, concluding bill signings for the 2019 legislative session.

Governor Parson opened his office to the public for the ceremonial bill signing sessions.

"This year's legislative session was marked by historic progress on major issues that impact all Missourians," Governor Parson said. “I applaud the General Assembly for their hard work and leadership over the past several months. It was an honor to stand with them this week as we officially signed these milestones into law."

School Turnaround Act - HB 604

This law prohibits local school districts in Missouri from setting an opening date for the school term that is more than 14 calendar days prior to the first Monday in September, beginning with the 2020-2021 school year.

Supporters included tourism officials and groups representing tourism-related businesses such as amusement park operators, hotel and campground owners and river outfitters. At Lake of the Ozarks, many business owners were in favor of the law, as it will push the summer vacation season later into August, which offers the potential for more revenue during the fleeting months in which those businesses make the majority of their money.

Opponents of the change included the Missouri National Education Association, the Missouri State Teachers Association and the School Administrators Coalition. They said the ability to start earlier allows schools to hold classes in June to make up for snow days, give final exams before winter break and gives additional time before standardized tests in the spring.

The new law will not affect Lake of the Ozarks area school start dates, as the School of the Osage, Morgan County R-II and the Camdenton R-III School Districts have historically started two weeks before Labor Day and will continue to start two weeks before Labor Day.

Simon's Law

The signing of HB 138 was one landmark decision. The bill established "Simon's Law," which changes the laws regarding life-sustaining or non-beneficial treatment policies of health care facilities. Simon’s Law requires doctors to provide parental notification before placing do-not-resuscitate orders on children.

“As a physician, I was unaware that a DNR could be placed on a child's chart without the consent or knowledge of the parent until it happened to my 3-year daughter during a routine hospitalization in 2007,” Dr. Dawn S. Allison M.D. said in an interview. 

Simon’s Law was named after Simon Crosiers. Simon was born September 7, 2010 with Trisomy 18, also known as Edward’s syndrome, a life-threatening developmental disorder. 

According to Simon’s mother, Sheryl Crosier, his doctor, without the consent of either of his parents, placed a do-not resuscitate (DNR) order on his chart. Crosier notes the practice is legal and happens far more often than anyone knows. 

Sheryl said that just three days before Simon was scheduled to meet with a cardiac surgeon, they “watched in disbelief as our child took his last breaths inside a hospital where he had been a patient for months and no ‘code blue’ resuscitation was engaged.”

Simon died on December 3, 2010. It was only after his death did Simon’s family learn of the DNR. 

Sheryl Crosier has made it her mission for the past several years to ensure no other family goes through what her family did. And on this year, she was successful in her home state of Kansas and now in Missouri. 

This bill establishes Simon's Law which adds one new section to the law relating to life-sustaining treatment policies of health care facilities. The bill prohibits a health care facility, a nursing home, a physician, a nurse, or medical staff from instituting a do-not-resuscitate order, or similar physician's order for any child who is not emancipated or under juvenile or family court jurisdiction, without oral or written permission of at least one parent or legal guardian.

The bill includes provisions for exceptions when parents or legal guardians are not successfully contacted after diligent efforts, for children under court jurisdiction, and those with relative caretakers. Permission that was previously given, under the provisions of the bill, may be revoked in writing by the legal guardian or either parent of the patient. 

The provisions do not require any treatment to be continued if it is medically inappropriate or would not result in further benefit or recovery of the patient. 

Protecting Child Victims of Human Trafficking 

Among the bills signed was HB 397, which modifies laws relating to the protection of children. 

Along with its many other important provisions, the bill continues Missouri’s fight against human trafficking by protecting minors from criminal prosecution if they were coerced into illicit sexual acts or abuse.

The remaining bills signed include HB 260, SB 514, HB 604, HB 266, HB 565, SB 210, SB 36, SB 167, SCR 2, SB 213, HB 831, HB 35, SB 101, HB 138, SB 174, SB 29, and SB 87.

A brief explanations of bills signed on Thursday, July 11 by Governor Parsons:

SCR 2 Requests the U.S. Congress to replace the statue of Thomas Hart Benton in the Statuary Hall of the U.S. Capitol with a statue of Harry S Truman.

SB 29 Extends the sunset on certain health care provider reimbursement allowances

SB 87 Modifies provisions relating to taxation

SB 36 Modifies provisions relating real estate

SB 101 Establishes a statewide hearing aid distribution program

SB 138 Creates new provisions relating to reports issued by the State Auditor

SB 174 Modifies provisions relating to taxation

SB 167 Modifies provisions relating to bonding requirements on public works

SB 210 Creates a number of official state designations, a memorial highway, and the Missouri Historical Theater program

SB 213 Enacts new provisions relating to the nonpartisan state demographer

HB 35 Changes the laws regarding the safekeeping of personal information.

SB 514 Extends protections of federal SCRA and USERRA to the Missouri Active Guard Reserves and National Guard serving under executive order by the governor

HB 138 Establishes "Simon's Law," which changes the laws regarding life-sustaining or nonbeneficial treatment policies of health care facilities

HB 260 Imposes civil penalties for poaching certain animals

HB 266 Creates the designation of "Missouri Historical Theater" and specifies criteria to apply for and achieve such designation

HB 355 Modifies provisions relating to utilities.

HB 565 Seven new state designations

HB 604 Establishes the School Turnaround Act

HB 831 Establishes a special license plate for the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives and the Missouri Association of Municipal Utilities.

2019 Executive Orders by Governor Parsons:

7-03-2019  – Executive Order 12 — Closes state offices on Friday, July 5, 2019.

6-28-2019  – Executive Order 11 — Establishes the Missouri Food, Beverage, and Forest Products Manufacturing Task Force

6-13-2019  – Executive Order 10 — Extends Executive Order 19-06 through August 31, 2019, for the purpose of continuing cleanup efforts in affected Missouri communities.

5-28-2019  – Executive Order 9 — Missouri State Emergency Operations Plan Activated - National Guard

5-21-2019  – Executive Order 8 — Declares that a State of Emergency exists in the State of Missouri and direct that the Missouri State Emergency Operations Plan be activated.

4-30-2019  – Executive Order 7 — Order Extends Department of Natural Resources’ Authority to Ease Requirements for Flood Recovery

2019 Legislative Actions by Governor Parsons

7-12-2019  — HB 399 — Vetoed by Governor - Modifies provisions relating to healthcare

7-12-2019  — HB 447 — Vetoed by Governor - Modifies provisions relating to coroners

7-12-2019  — SB 147 — Vetoed by Governor - Enacts provisions relating to motor vehicles

7-12-2019  — SB 202 — Vetoed by Governor - Creates provisions relating to mining royalties on federal land

7-12-2019  — SB 282 — Vetoed by Governor - Modifies provisions relating to the disposition of human remains

7-12-2019  — SB 414 — Vetoed by Governor - Enacts provisions relating to innovation in health insurance

2019 Proclamations by Governor Parsons 

06-26-2019  – Flags Ordered to Fly at Half-Staff Across Missouri on Monday, July 1, in Honor of Officer Michael Langsdorf  

06-20-2019  – First Steps Early Intervention Program 

06-14-2019  – Governor Parson Declares June 15, to be St. Louis Blues Day in the State of Missouri   

06-13-2019  – Proclamation for Firefighter-Paramedic Christopher Moore  

05-30-2019  – Governor Parson Proclaims June to be Missouri State Employee Recognition Month  

05-13-2019  – Governor Parson Proclaims June 9-15, to be Missouri Trail of Tears Remembrance Week


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