LAKE OF THE OZARKS, Mo. — There will be no destination tournament soccer complex at Lake of the Ozarks—at least, not one funded by lodging tax dollars.

Voters on Tuesday roundly rejected the proposal from the Tri-County Lodging Association to raise the Lodging Tax across Camden, Miller, and Morgan counties to 6 percent for the purpose of funding a $20-22 million destination tournament soccer complex. (The lodging tax is currently 3 percent in Camden and Morgan counties and 5 percent in Miller County.)

The issue quickly became controversial: with many businesses supporting the tax increase, but others—particularly small resort and vacation rental owners—opposing it.


Total Votes

Yes — 1,610

No — 4,682

Votes By County

Camden County

Yes — 1,319

No — 3,526

Miller County

Yes — 139

No — 361

Morgan County

Yes — 152

No — 795

The issue only needed to pass in Camden County, for the complex to be funded. But even there, every precinct rejected it. The closest was in Osage Beach, where 941 votes were cast. There were 425 Yes votes (45.16%) and 516 No votes (54.84%).

Camden County - Soccer Lodging Tax Votes By Precinct

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