LAKE OF THE OZARKS, Mo. — Voters decided on several hot-button issues at the Lake in Tuesday's municipal elections. Among the biggest news of the day: a proposal to increase property taxes to fund the construction of a community college was cancelled, and Lake Ozark got voters' approval to fund transportation improvements. Here are the unofficial results of high-profile races. Click here to view results by county:




Ozarks Technical College (Camdenton R-III School Question)

The community college had made overtures to Camdenton R-III school district, offering to bring a multi-million-dollar community college campus to the Lake area. The catch: it would bring the school district into the community college's taxing district, raising property taxes for district residents. The question met a massive defeat: 3,151 No votes, to 989 Yes votes.

Lake Ozark Question 1 (12 of 13 precincts reporting)

With the legal requirement to get permission from voters before going into debt, Lake Ozark looks like it got that permission on Tuesday, when it asked city residents for permission to sell up to $6 million in bonds for the purpose of funding transportation improvements. This vote would not actually commit the city to any debt, but would raise the city's debt ceiling. With 12 of 13 precincts reporting by 9 p.m. on Tuesday, according to the Miller County Clerk, the vote was:

-Yes - 146

-No - 62

Lake Ozark Question 2 (not all districts reporting)

Lake Ozark started down the road towards funding those transportation projects, with a proposed Use Tax matching the city's current sales tax. The Use Tax would apply the city's sales tax rate to all out-of-area purchases that are then used/registered within the city (vehicles, trailers, boats, etc).

With 12 of 13 precincts reporting by 9 p.m. on Tuesday, according to the Miller County Clerk, the vote was:

-Yes - 123

-No - 85

Camdenton R-III School Board (3 board members -- winners in bold)

-Courtney Hulett - 2,602

-Callie Henze - 2,561

-Troy Risner - 2,218

-David Faiferlick - 2,112

Mid County Fire District Director

-Charles McElyea - 1,018

-Rod Sederwall - 947

-Jeremy Rugen - 908

Osage Beach Fire District Director

-Richard Goedde - 462

-Irv Klimkewicz - 385

Sunrise Beach Fire District Board Member

-Denise Dill - 347

-Rick Butler - 299


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