Osage Beach City Hall

Kellie Schuman has been appointed by Mayor John Olivarri to represent Ward III at the January 6th Special Board meeting. 

"I’m very excited about being a bigger part of the community, especially with the Lake growing so much, it’ll be really neat to be involved in that,” Schuman said. 

Ward III has been without an alderman since Tom Walker stepped down for personal reasons in August 2021. Schuman is currently the only candidate running in the upcoming Ward III alderman election and since she is running unopposed, the decision was made to nominate her to the position early. 

“I had actually been waiting to see if she would run unopposed, and since she is, my thought was, since I was going to fill the position anyway, she’s a great candidate and it’ll give her a running start at that position when she’s elected in April,” Mayor Olivarri said. 

Schuman grew up in Lake of the Ozarks, is a long-time employee of Central Bank and previously served on the Planning and Zoning committee. Olivarri says he was pleased to be able to nominate her to the Osage Beach Board of Alderman. 

“From my perspective, I’m really pleased to have someone a little younger and have someone represent the community side, not so much the business side. This gives the board a little different perspective,” Olivarri added.