Missourians chose their candidates for the November elections on Tuesday, Aug. 7, and in some races effectively voted those candidates into office.

The August primaries serve to narrow the candidate field to one for each party in each race; but in areas where one party nearly always comes out on top in the general elections, November’s ballot will feel—for some races—like a mere formality. Here are the results from the Tuesday, Aug. 7 primaries, with results from the Missouri-related races in the federal seats, state offices, and state senators/representatives who represent the Lake of the Ozarks area.

On the state level, the high-profile “Right To Work” Proposition A met with a resounding defeat; the state legislature had opted to put the issue to voters, who overwhelmingly rejected the proposition.

Notably at Lake of the Ozarks…

Justin Dan Brown beat Diane Franklin and Keith Frederick for 16th District Senate seat. Brown takes the seat vacated by his father Dan Brown, who served until his term limit. The vote count was:

Brown - 10,528 (40.1%)

Franklin - 9,243 (35.2%)

Frederick - 6,497 (24.7%)

Franklin and Frederick had both reached their term limits in the Missouri House, whereas Justin Brown has not served in a state elected office.

On the Camden County Republican Party ballot, Presiding Commissioner Greg Hasty narrowly beat challenger James Rericha (4,298 - 3,856), County Clerk Rowland Todd easily held onto his seat, Melissa MacKay got 46% of the vote but was unable to unseat Circuit Clerk Jo McElwee.

On the Miller County Republican Party ballot, Sheila Curtman won a three-way race for the open Circuit Clerk seat, and Prosecutor Ben Winfrey kept a healthy distance between himself and challenger Robert Seek.

Full results for Missouri’s national offices, state-level offices, and state senate/representative offices representing the Lake area are below.

Click here to view detailed results by county:






Missouri Prop. A (Adopting Right-To-Work)

No — 67% 

Yes — 33%

(3080 of 3228 precincts reporting)


Lake Ozark Fire Protection District (30-cent levy)

Miller — 397 yes, 244 no

Camden — 750 yes, 492 no

Total: 1,147 (60.91%) yes, 736 (39.09%) no 

Mid County Fire Protection District (19-cent levy)

Yes — 1,853 (53.4%)

No — 1,617 (46.6%)

City Of Richland Use Tax

Yes — 6

No — 10




U.S. Senator

—Josh Hawley


U.S. Representative, District 3

—Blaine Luetkemeyer


U.S. Representative, District 4

—Vicky Hartzler


State Auditor

—Saundra McDowell


State Senator, District 16

—Justin Dan Brown


State Senator, District 6

—Mike Bernskoetter (uncontested)


State Representative, District 123

—Suzie Pollock


State Representative, District 124

—Rocky Miller (uncontested)


State Representative, District 62

—Tom Hurst (uncontested)


State Representative, District 59

—Rudy Veit


State Representative, District 58

—David Wood (uncontested)


26th Circuit Judge, Division 1

—Matt Hamner (uncontested)


Associate Circuit Judge, Division 4

—Michael Gilley (uncontested)


Associate Circuit Judge, Division 5

—Aaron Koeppen (uncontested)


Associate Circuit Judge (Morgan County)

—J. Stephen Grantham (uncontested)


Camden County Presiding Commissioner

—Greg Hasty


Camden County Clerk

—Rowland Todd


Camden County Circuit Clerk

—Jo McElwee


Camden County Recorder

—Donnie Snelling


Camden County Prosecuting Attorney

—Heather Miller (uncontested)


Camden County Auditor

—Jimmy Laughlin (uncontested)


Camden County Collector

—Teresa Murray (uncontested)


Miller County Presiding Commissioner

—Tom Wright (uncontested)


Miller County Clerk

—Clinton Jenkins (uncontested)


Miller County Circuit Clerk

—Sheila Curtman


Miller County Recorder

—Deborah Wiles (uncontested)


Miller County Treasurer

—Philip Lawson (uncontested)


Miller County Prosecuting Attorney

—Ben Winfrey


Miller County Collector Of Revenue

—Bill Harvey


Morgan County Presiding Commissioner

—Tony Stephens (uncontested)


Morgan County Clerk

—Aimee Worthley (uncontested)


Morgan County Circuit Clerk

—Monica Cable


Morgan County Recorder

—Nancy Boles (uncontested)


Morgan County Treasurer

—Kimberly Ingersoll (uncontested)




U.S. Senator

—Claire McCaskill


U.S. Representative, District 3

—Katy Geppert (uncontested)


U.S. Representative, District 4

—(too close to call before all votes tallied)


State Auditor

—Nicole Galloway (uncontested)


State Senator, District 16

—Ryan Dillon (uncontested)


State Senator, District 6

—Nicole Thompson


State Representative, District 123

—Joe Register (uncontested)


State Representative, District 124

—Steve Dakapolos (uncontested)


State Representative, District 62

—Ashley Fajkowski (uncontested)


State Representative, District 59

—Linda Ellen Greeson (uncontested)


Camden County Presiding Commissioner

—Shari Gaddy (uncontested)


Camden County Circuit Clerk

—Joanne Bodziony (uncontested)


Morgan County Clerk

—Cathy Daniels (uncontested)


Morgan County Prosecuting Attorney

—Dustin Dunklee (uncontested)


Morgan County Collector of Revenue

—Kathy Francis (uncontested)




U.S. Senator

—Japheth Campbell (uncontested)


U.S. Representative, District 3

—Donald V. Stolle (uncontested)


U.S. Representative, District 4

—Mark Bliss


State Auditor

—Sean O’Toole (uncontested)


State Senator, District 6

—Steven Wilson (uncontested)


Camden County Presiding Commissioner

—Marshall Peterson


Camden County Clerk

—James O’Brien




U.S. Senator

—Jo Crain


State Auditor

—Don Fitz




State Auditor

—Jacob Luetkemeyer (uncontested)

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