Trump Vandalism

OSAGE BEACH, Mo. — Amidst a dramatic week in national politics, a billboard sign reading "Trump 2024" was vandalized, sometime on Jan. 3.

The word "TRAITOR" was written in red spray paint and a line was painted through Trump’s name, on the billboard facing westbound traffic on Highway 54 between the Case Road and Nichols Road exits. The billboard was originally put up in 2019, and a previous Trump banner on it was vandalized with anarchist and satanic symbols in March 2020.

Steve Kahrs, owner of the billboard, part-owner of local business Osage Catfisheries, and former Osage Beach City Alderman, plans on putting a banner over the defaced sign by the end of the week.

"The banner will be below the vandalism of the sign. Just a small quote. We don’t plan on saying what it is until we put it up, but it’s very tactful."

Kahrs has received community support offering to help replace the vandalized sign, but the family hasn’t decided what’s best.

"I think leaving it up makes a bigger statement than putting a new one up, because it just shows that we’re in really tough times right now," Kahrs said.

The identity of the person who vandalized the sign is not yet known.


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