LAKE OF THE OZARKS, Mo. — The Lake's biggest boat race will be celebrating its 25th birthday this month.

The Lake of the Ozarks Shootout has brought racers from around the world to display the limits of speed in vessels ranging from PWCs to catamarans sporting horsepower in the thousands.

Lake Expo focuses its Shootout Spotlights on men and women who have distinguished themselves in recent Shootouts, and who offer the promise of exciting runs this year.

The Shootout is scheduled for Aug. 16–25.

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Name: Dennis Pool, driver

Co-racer’s name: Brad Smith, throttleman, and sometimes, son Preston  

Port of Call: Grand Lake, Okla.   

Boat make/model: 2011 388 SS Skater with twin 632 cubic inch Mercury engines

Shootout Race Classification: NC4P2, Non-Professional, Cat, 36’–42’, power added, 2 engines

Horsepower: 1,625 each engine; total 3,250 HP

Modifications: 632 cubic inch twin turbo engines built by Brad Smith, Smith Power in Joplin, Mo.   

Fastest Speed: 183 mph

Notable Races/Wins: 2012 LOZ Shootout Top Gun in class at 177 mph

Sponsor(s): Smith Power

Business: Commercial Real Estate, Oil and Gas

Family: Wife Vickie and son Preston

Describe the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout in one word: Awesome

What do you like about the LOZ Shootout?

All the colors and seeing all the boats that you only usually get to see in magazines up close and hanging with so many people who have the same interest all at one time.

Talk about your last year’s record:

We could have gone faster. The boat wasn’t propped like it should have been. We set it up with a 115 gear ratio and we could have gotten a lot more out of those motors. When we came through the end at 5,800 HP, we should have been at 6,800. The unique thing is we were swinging 38 props and 115 gear ratio as we came out the exit, at 5800 rpm, we had a lot more left in the motors. I spent $20,000 on forged props to be sure I don’t throw any blades. That’s pretty expensive to buy more just to go a mile in the Shootout and top the 5800.

What is your racing strategy for the 2013 LOZ Shootout?

I am going to wind her out, and let her go.

When, where, what and why did you first start racing?

I’ve been boating for 35 years. Started racing in 2006 in the Poker Run at Grand Lake, Okla. If you ask my wife, I don’t have a good reason except I thoroughly enjoy speed.   

What separates boating at Lake of the Ozarks from other destinations?

I love seeing more boats than on any other lake I’ve ever been on.

Best racing memory? 2012 – I ran six times and won Top Gun.

Worst racing memory? none

What do you do when you're not racing boats? I have a Ford GT and motorcycle collection.


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