Summer Richardson

photo courtesy Shoot2Thrill Pix

Driver: Summer Richardson aka “Mrs. Swoop”

Name of Boat: Dial 911 

Port of Call: Lake Havasu, AZ

Boat make/model: 2011 Skater 388, Twin 1,800 HP Carson Brummett engines

Shootout Race Classification: NC3PZR

Horsepower: 3,600 HP

Modifications: PSI Blower, Ignite E-85 Racing Fuel, Mercury No. 6 Drives, Herring Props

Fastest Speed: 191 mph

Notable Races/Wins:

2012-2016 Desert Storm Shootout, Lake Havasu, Az. “Queen of the Desert” for fastest female driver (except 2014) 176 mph / (Garmin Virb GPS clocked 185 mph).

2015 Lake of the Ozarks Shootout 141 mph  

Sponsor: Swoop Motorsports Team

Business: Co-owner Swoop Motorsports, Equine Sports Therapists

Family: Married to Travis Richardson with one child


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