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Our Favorite Feel-Good Stories Of Charity & Heroism At The Lake In 2021

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There's always plenty of bad news to go around; but 2021 brought stories of generosity and heroism at Lake of the Ozarks too.

So here are 11 of our favorite stories that show the magnanimity of many in our Lake community.

#1. Wake For Warriors

A nonprofit that uses wakesurfing as a way to help wounded veterans heal, came to the Lake for the first time in 2020. It was a huge success. 

#2. Shootout Record!

The Lake of the Ozarks' biggest charity event is also its biggest boating event, and it raised nearly a half-million dollars just in 2021, for dozens of charities.

#3. CADV Brings Healing

The organization we wish our community didn't need, continues making an enormous impact on abused women, children, and men too. 

#4. Horsey Masquerade!

When you bring a horse wearing rabbit-ears into a nursing home, smiles fill the room! 

#5. Teen Heroes

We loved telling this story. Courageous teens helped save a man from a burning vehicle.

#6. Medical Supplies For The Needy

A new coordinating network is helping get donated medical supplies to needy people at the Lake.

#7. Golfing To Grant Kids' Wishes

The Dream Factory makes dreams come true for kids in a tough spot. A Lake of the Ozarks golf tournament raised nearly $50,000 to help the mission continue.

#8. 400 Backpacks For Kids

One of many, many, many instances of local businesses donating through our local schools to help needy kids. The Lake is a community full of generosity!

#9. Stopping Human Trafficking

A donation to the Lake of the Ozarks Stop Human Trafficking Coalition helped their mission continue, and brought more attention to this important work.

#10. Helping Foster Kids

A beautiful story of a local organization helping bring kids home for Christmas, and supporting foster families across the state.

#11. Kids Sleeping Cozy For Christmas

More than 100 local kids who only sleep on the floor, or the couch, got a bed for Christmas, thanks to local businesses including Slumberland Furniture, Scott's Concrete, and Arrowhead Title. Read all about it, below.