Dustin S. Burkhart

Dustin S. Burkhart is charged with two counts of Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, after a shootout at his home left 33-year-old Joseph W. Beeman critically wounded. Beeman ultimately perished from his injuries.

CAMDEN COUNTY, Mo. — Dustin Burkhart, who reportedly killed a man in a shootout on Burkhart’s property earlier this year, will face a second felony weapons charge in connection with the incident.

On Monday morning in the Camden County Courthouse, the prosecution filed the second charge, alleging Burkhart illegally possessed two separate handguns during the shootout. If convicted, Burkhart could face up to seven years in the state department of corrections for each charge.

The new charge is in connection with a second gun allegedly used during the shootout. According to the probable cause statement for Burkhart’s arrest, a woman who was at the scene and who had dated both Burkhart and Joseph Beeman (who was killed as a result of the battle) said Beeman came to Burkhart’s trailer and threatened to shoot them both. The woman told authorities both Burkhart and Beeman had pistols, and they fired at each other, according to the document. Beeman succumbed to his gunshot wounds several days later.

Burkhart’s story to police appears to differ on some details, based on the document. Authorities say Burkhart told them he grabbed Beeman’s gun and shot him up to four times with it.

The two guns Burkhart is charged with illegally possessing are a .22 Heritage Rough Rider and a .22 Ruger Single Six revolver.

He came to court on Monday for his preliminary hearing having dismissed his state-appointed attorney, and told Senior Justice Steven Jackson that he plans to represent himself. Jackson urged Burkhart to consider seeking state-appointed counsel, but noted Burkhart had represented himself, with Jackson presiding, regarding a prior legal matter. Jackson recalled Burkhart had handled his own case competently and courteously and he expected the defendant could do the same in this case, adding “I wouldn’t anticipate that being a problem for you.”

Burkhart brought with him a stack of handwritten motions, which the judge accepted for submission, noting such was a bit unorthodox. Among the motions was one for bond reduction, but Jackson said due to the volume of the motions—which would prevent the state from being able to review and prepare a reply to them there in the courtroom—Burkhart’s motions would be heard at a separate hearing on Oct. 24.

Burkhart also requested a one-month continuance, which the judge said he was already inclined to grant since Burkhart had dismissed his attorney. Due to the second charge being filed by the state on Monday morning, Judge Jackson said Burkhart would necessarily have a continuance, since he had had no time to prepare to defend himself against it.

Burkhart’s preliminary hearing was reset for Nov. 7, 2016, and Judge Jackson urged him to work hard to prepare himself for that date.

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