Starlink Satellite Launch

photo by SpaceX via Flickr -- CC 2.0 License

Reports of UFO sightings are on the rise — at Lake of the Ozarks and across the country. These come in the shadow of the U.S. government's release of videos depicting unidentified flying objects, in April.

US Navy -

So maybe the surge in sightings is just the Baader–Meinhof phenomenon, but maybe not. It could be more of an Elon Musk phenomenon.

Jeff Hughes, of Osage Beach, posted several photos on Facebook of a blurry bright light in the sky that he says he saw on April 29. Was it a UFO?

KY3 reported readers sent photos of a streak of bright lights across the sky from the night of May 6. Aliens?

More likely a Musk trail. Elon's company SpaceX has been firing satellites into low-orbit like there's no tomorrow, with the aim of bringing high-speed Internet to unserved places across the globe. As of January 2021, 1,035 Starlink satellites had been launched, and SpaceX plans on launching more than 10,000 small satellites into low-earth-orbit to fulfill this mission. Here's a LakeExpo article about the plans, from March 2021:

As the satellites climb through higher levels of orbit, those of us on terra firma will temporarily see a line of little dots or streaks in the stratosphere: despised by photographers aiming at the stars, but a source of wonder to those who suspect there may be more behind the sky than meets the eye.