LAKE OZARK, Mo. — Authorities have charged a second man in connection with the fatal gun battle in Lake Ozark on July 15, and they have identified three motorcycle clubs that were involved with the fight.

Man Charged

Daniel Kurtzeborn, 38, of Iberia, has been charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, a Class D Felony. Authorities say Kurtzeborn was one of several men who brandished a firearm and exchanged gunfire during the fight that killed one man and left four injured; Kurtzeborn reportedly told authorities he had not fired a weapon, as he was prohibited from possessing one due to his criminal history. Kurtzeborn is a convicted felon. However, according to the probable cause document for his arrest, authorities say Kurtzeborn was seen on surveillance footage brandishing and shooting a gun during the battle.

Clubs ID’d

Investigators say all of the people involved in the fight appeared to be affiliated with various motorcycle clubs, with at least three motorcycle clubs involved in the deadly gun battle: Midwest Drifters, Galloping Goose, and Mongols.

According to the probable cause document, at approximately 7:44 p.m. on July 15, about 10 motorcycle club members—mostly members of Midwest Drifters and Galloping Goose—were standing near the front of Casablanca restaurant and bar, talking. Then, authorities say, six members of the Mongols exited the restaurant from the front door, and one of the members of the Mongols had words with some of the men on the porch. That, according to the document, is when the fight broke out.

A couple of minutes into the fight, authorities say a member of the Mongols—later ID’d as Blane Curley—tried to strike a member of the Galloping Goose with a motorcycle helmet and then reportedly pulled out a pistol and aimed it at the Galloping Goose member. The GG member—who authorities identified as Tonka Way-Con Ponder—then reportedly pulled out his gun and shot and killed Curley.

At that point, according to the document, multiple people from the various motorcycle clubs began exchanging gunfire from the front of the restaurant and in the middle of Bagnell Dam Boulevard.

Tonka Way-Con Ponder was also charged with Felony Assault and Armed Criminal Action as a result of the brawl.