LAURIE, Mo. — Police are still investigating the burglaries of two Laurie businesses, among a string of break-ins on the Lake’s west side this month. 

The two businesses—Steen’s Beauty Salon and Cyber Café—were broken into late in the evening of Thursday, Oct. 12. Thieves gained entrance to both buildings by breaking out windows. 

According to Laurie Police Officer Angela Nickerson, one or more thieves stole cash from Steen’s Beauty Salon, located at 208 North Main, in Laurie. The alarm at the salon went off, notifying the Laurie Police Department. According to Officer Nickerson the on-duty officer was at the Laurie City Hall and arrived at the business within minutes of the alarm sounding. On arrival, the officers found the broken window, but the thief or thieves had already fled. 

Second burglary

While patrolling the area, officers found that the Cyber Café, located on Highway 5, near Highway O, had also been robbed the same evening. A window was broken to gain entrance, and once again, cash was reported stolen. While the Cyber Café had security cameras, they were not operational at the time of the burglary. “That happens way too often,” Officer Nickerson said. “People need to be sure their video surveillance cameras are working.” She added that most thieves also can tell the difference between legitimate and dummy video cameras.

Nickerson also reported that multiple storage units at the VRP Storage on Highway O were burglarized in October. 

She advised citizens to lock their cars, houses and storage buildings. “These types of crimes usually increase in the fall and winter months because there are not as many people around to see what is going on,” Officer Dickerson said. 

According to Morgan County Sheriff Norman Dills, there have also been several burglaries in Morgan County this month. The 10-42 Barbeque in Gravois Mills was broken into last week. Thieves pried off a door lock and stole cash. A Stover residence was also broken into on Highway 52, near Barnett. Power tools were stolen. Also, on Sunday, Oct. 22, a business in Syracuse was burglarized. The thieves broke through a window. The sheriff’s department does have some evidence that was left at the scene and officers are investigating the incident. 

“At this point we do not have evidence that points to these burglaries being related, or concentrated in a certain area,” Sheriff Dills commented. “Citizens do need to be diligent and pay attention, if you see anything suspicious, like a car that is not supposed to be there, call law enforcement.” 

These investigations are ongoing, and police do have several leads. 

“If you are going to be out of town, ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your property,” Officer Dickerson adds. “The police will also make extra patrol visits if asked. That is what we are here for, and we are here every day, 24 hours a day.”