Michael Horonzy

CAMDENTON, Mo. — The suspect in a shooting that took place in Camdenton on Monday night is dead.

Michael Horonzy was found with a reportedly self-inflicted gunshot wound near his residence in Laclede County, authorities say. Law enforcement had searched for Horonzy on Monday night to no avail, after he is alleged to have fired a weapon at a residence on Bear Ridge Road.

This was not the first time Horonzy had allegedly fired a weapon at a residence on Bear Ridge Road. In February he was arrested after a fight over a woman, during which Horonzy reportedly fired multiple rounds at another man's trailer.

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CAMDENTON, Mo. — Authorities are still looking for a suspect in a shooting that damaged a home but resulted in no injuries late Monday night.

Camden County Deputies were called to a residence on Bear Ridge Road in Camdenton about a male subject on foot from Laclede County who was allegedly on the way to kill someone at the residence. 

According to the Camden County Sheriff’s press release, deputies met with the homeowner and asked everyone in the home to leave the residence for the night until the suspect was caught, but they refused to leave. 

Deputies left the residence to continue the search for the suspect. Shortly after, deputies were told by Camden County Communications that multiple shots had been fired at the same residence at Bear Ridge Road. According to the police, upon arrival back at the residence, deputies noticed several bullet holes in the house and when deputies entered the house, everyone was found to be okay and denied medical treatment.  

Deputies along with the Missouri State Highway Patrol and Laclede County, searched the area with the use of aircraft, but were unable to locate the suspect. Camden County is still looking for the suspect in question and will release further information when available.