Tom Rickey Jr.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Camden County man who was on Missouri's Most Wanted list and whom authorities called a "danger to the public," Tom Rickey II, has been arrested.

Rickey was charged in Camden County with two counts of 3rd Degree Felony Assault and Felony Property Damage from an August 2018 incident in Osage Beach where he allegedly caused property damage and assaulted two men with mace in retaliation for an earlier incident involving his brother.

In September 2018 he was charged in a separate incident for felony domestic violence and two counts of child endangerment occurring in Sunrise Beach.

According to police, the girlfriend was at a Mexican restaurant in Sunrise Beach on Sept. 11 when Rickey made threats to harm her and her family. Police say Rickey arrived at the restaurant and the girlfriend tried to flee in her car, with Rickey's children in the car. Rickey reportedly hit the car she was in, forcing it off the road. Rickey then reportedly exited his car, walked to his girlfriend’s car, pulled her head out of the window and beat her. When police officers arrived on the scene, Rickey had already fled. 

Rickey was later arrested and released on bond under house arrest with a GPS monitoring bracelet attached. In late November, authorities discovered he had removed his monitoring device and went on the run resulting in a bond violation warrant being issued for his arrest.

Over the next month, Deputy Marshals worked with multiple law enforcement agencies around the state attempting to locate Rickey, narrowing the focus to the Kansas City and St. Joseph area. Rickey reportedly complicated matters by taking his two children—who were victims in the case—from their mother and continually moving jurisdictions: eluding authorities while making threats towards victims, family members and others.

On Friday, Jan. 11, 2019 Deputy Marshals learned the children may be in danger; later that day, deputies found Rickey's vehicle at an apartment building in downtown Kansas City. Deputies and detectives from the Kansas City Missouri Police Department’s Career Criminal Unit found Rickey with the two children in an apartment. He was taken into custody on the Camden County arrest warrant, and the children were returned safely to their mother.

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