A drunk 25-year-old man nearly drowned at Lake of the Ozarks last weekend, but was rescued by Water Patrol troopers. Although, according to the Patrol, the man fought the very people who tried to save him… several times.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol (which operates the Water Patrol Division) reports authorities were called to the area near the popular lakefront bar Shady Gator’s, where a Chesterfield, Mo. man had become extremely intoxicated, kicked and punched a security guard, and had been kicked out of the bar. Authorities say he went swimming in the Lake, and when troopers arrived by boat, they found the man struggling to keep his head above the water. He was reportedly bobbing beneath the surface and gurgling. Troopers say they threw a Type IV ring buoy to him, but the man did not attempt to grab it, so a trooper jumped in, grabbed the man, and swam him to a Patrol baot.

However, the Patrol says, the man fought troopers by stiffening and refusing to comply with their instructions to get on the boat; it took two people to get him aboard. Once on the Patrol boat, authorities say the man was handcuffed and then said he was going to vomit. He was moved to the gunwale (side) of the boat so he could vomit over the side, but authorities say he then tried to jump overboard. The man was pulled to the deck and then allegedly bit a trooper’s knee.

Troopers say they got the man to a nearby dock, where he kept trying to pull away from their grasp, so they carried him up the hill to a waiting ambulance… where he tried to bite a Lake Ozark EMT.

The man was taken to Lake Regional Hospital, checked out, and transported to Camden County Jail. He is charged with two counts of assault and resisting arrest.


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