Robbie Nalley

Robie ("Robbie") Nalley, age 49, was found guilty in April 2019 of Class B Felony Child Molestation and Class D Felony Statutory Sodomy.

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LACLEDE COUNTY, Mo. — A Macks Creek man who sexually abused two teenage girls will not go to prison for it, unless he violates his probation.

A jury in Laclede County found 52-year-old Robbie Nalley guilty of second-degree Child Molestation and second-degree Statutory Sodomy, on April 24, 2019, and Nalley was sentenced by Judge Kenneth Hayden on Sept. 3. Prosecutor Heather Miller asked for a combined sentence of 22 years on the convictions. After sentencing arguments were made, Hayden did sentence Nalley to 22 years—15 years on the Child Molestation charge, and 7 years on the Statutory Sodomy charge—but he suspended the execution of both sentences and put Nalley on a term of probation.

The case originated in Camden County but was transferred to Laclede on a change-of-venue request by the defendant.

According to probable cause documents for Nalley’s arrest, one girl told authorities Nalley had been sexually abusing her for years. The other said she woke up during a sleepover at the home where Nalley resides, to find him sexually molesting her.

Miller was in court on Wednesday and unavailable to comment as of this writing.



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