On CNN, Wednesday morning, host Jim Sciutto asked Dr. Anthony Fauci about the now-infamous pool parties at Lake of the Ozarks last weekend. Photos and video of busy lakefront pools gained global attention as the weekend drew to a close.

Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has become a polarizing figure as some Americans sour over national and local responses to the coronavirus while others support the measures recommended by Fauci and other medical experts. After Sciutto played one video of a weekend pool party on the Lake, Fauci replied, "I try and encourage them to really be careful and be prudent… When you see some of the scenes that were shown just now, that’s very troubling, because that’s inviting there to be an issue... We are going to see upticks of cases, even under the best of circumstances when we reopen. You know that, that’s something we accept and what we need to do is have the capability of responding in an effective way, of doing the kind of identification, isolation, and contact tracing. But when you have situations in which you see that type of crowding with no masks, and people interacting, that’s not prudent. And that’s inviting a situation that could get out of control."

He also urged, "Don’t start leapfrogging over some of the recommendations and the guidelines, because that’s really tempting fate and asking for trouble... When you do that, and you see no negative effect in one week, please don’t be overconfident, because the effect of spreading is not going to be seen for two, three, or maybe even more weeks. Be prudent and take a careful look at the guidelines and to the best extent possible, follow them."

Video of the interview is linked below. Relevant portion begins at 2:20.

Click to view the video on CNN.com.


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