In order to protect the health and safety of Camden County’s senior citizens as well as those with underlying health concerns, the Camden County Commission has established a Coronavirus Community Hotline phone number. This is a new program, specifically created to enable groceries and medicine to be delivered to county residents who are practicing self-quarantine. The number is 573-346-6145 and will be staffed Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The county made the announcement in a press release on Monday, saying:

In the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it has become apparent that senior citizens and people with immune deficiencies and underlying health issues are at extreme risk. The virus has shown to cause critical, even life-threatening illness among these populations. For this reason, the County Commission is advising people in this vulnerable group to remain at home under self-quarantine and to completely avoid going out in public if at all possible.

To ease the burden this will place on these vulnerable people, the Coronavirus Community Hotline provides a delivery service for groceries and medicine. Residents can call the Hotline and a county employee or volunteer will go to the store or pharmacy and then deliver those goods directly to the front door of county residents at no charge. Residents will have to first call the store or pharmacy and pay for their goods over the phone with a debit or credit card.  The county will then make sure your goods are delivered to you for free. 

If you are elderly or have an underlying health concerns, you are especially vulnerable to the coronavirus. If you get it, your resulting illness could actually be life threatening. We are urging you to please remain at your home, away from all public places, until this virus has ran its course and is gone from our community.

We are encouraging everyone who might be especially vulnerable to please use this hotline number. We want to protect you and keep you healthy and safe. So please do not hesitate to use it. We have set it up for you, for our community, and especially for our senior citizens.

Ozarks Distilleries in Osage Beach is going to be producing hand sanitizer for residents at no charge. The County Commission is working to partner with Ozarks Distilleries to include hand sanitizer in every delivery that we make. We would like to thank Dave Huffman, the owner for embodying the kind of community-oriented business that makes the lake such a wonderful place to live. As Ozarks Distilleries are absorbing the entire cost of this effort on their own, we encourage anyone who can afford to do so to make a donation to help them in this wonderful effort.


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