Boating To The Rescue! A Day On The Water Can Be Healing, In Tumultuous Times

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Family Boating Fun On Lake Of The Ozarks

If you are feeling stressed, you are not alone. Between the presidential election in the U.S., the wildly fluctuating equity markets, and COVID-19, even the normally stoic are feeling a little anxious. Our hearts go out to those who have been impacted, especially those impacted by COVID-19. And, our prayers go out to those around the globe who have lost a loved one; I cannot imagine how difficult that is.

We all need to be careful and cautious during these uncertain times. We also need some good news and, fortunately, boating season is right around the corner.

Last week I asked numerous people in our industry how the uncertainty was impacting consumer sentiment and was encouraged by their response. Boaters are not only excited about the upcoming boating season, but also asking for their new boats earlier than expected. Customers with late April and May boat deliveries were asking if they can get their boats now; anxious to get reconnected with the water.

The desire to get the boating season underway is not a surprise to anyone who enjoys spending time on the water. Many are looking for a break from the news and there is no better way to destress and relax than spending time on the water, in your boat.

And, this isn’t just my opinion. In his excellent book, “Blue Mind,” my friend and author Wallace J. Nichols uses many studies and some anecdotal evidence to demonstrate the substantial benefit people receive from being on, near, in, or under water. 

Nichols shares lessons in neuroscience, including both standard and advanced medical research using EEGs, MRIs, and fMRIs to demonstrate the powerful positive impact of water. 

He also uses stories to demonstrate how water not only benefits our overall well-being but also improves performance in all areas of life. The evidence is overwhelming that water positively impacts us in many ways. 

Cutting right to the bottom line – people are notably healthier physically, mentally and emotionally when they are around water. It’s noticeable that people are more relaxed, creative, inspired, and content there too. Life truly is better on the water.

The air is warming, the water is warming, and people want to take their minds off the news. Fortunately, our rivers, lakes and oceans are open and waiting to make life substantially better.

I am writing this on a weekend and today behind my house I saw wakeboarders, wakesurfers, kids squealing with joy in tubes, and the biggest bass I have ever seen in our lake pulled out and released by an angler. It was another wonderful day on the water.

There is plenty in the news to think about and we all need to be taking the recommended precautions and taking care of those who need our help. We can also spend time on the water and let all that stress melt away. All aboard, boating to the rescue.


Bill Yeargin is CEO of Correct Craft and a tireless advocate for the recreational boating industry.


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