Three Cheers! LakeExpo Awarded By Peers In Journalism For Stories, Headlines, Website

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It always feels a little odd to write an article about receiving awards for your articles. This is the kind of article that won’t be receiving any awards.

Be that as it may, indulge us for a moment as we cheer the many contributors and staff who’ve made the go-to resource for Lake of the Ozarks locals and vacationers alike. Their hard work was acknowledged last weekend at the Missouri Press Association's annual Better Newspaper Contest awards, at Harrah's casino in Kansas City. LakeExpo and contributors won a combined eight awards at the event!

But first, a toast to our readers. You all range from Lake Ozark to Chicago, Osage Beach to Omaha, Camdenton to Des Moines, Sunrise Beach to St. Louis, and Laurie to Kansas City… even extending to the boating audience in Florida, California, and Texas. You visit for Lake of the Ozarks breaking news, one-of-a-kind interest pieces, information about upcoming events, and to shop for Lake homes and local boats. You wave at us aboard our Donzi center-console (Shady Raider) at Lake events, you message us with great local news tips and photos, you call us out if we (yes, it's happened) miss the mark, you chat with us in the community about issues you care about or a recent article you loved, and you obviously keep sharing LakeExpo with your friends and family, because our audience keeps growing and growing! Cheers!

Secondly, a toast to our advertisers. The Lake of the Ozarks business community is like no other, and we’re proud to be locally owned and closely connected to it. We know as well as anyone that, when you’re running a small business, every dollar counts. So with each month that goes by, we are thankful for the excellent local businesses that use our advertising solutions to reach the LakeExpo audience with their top-notch products and services. We work with our advertising partners to craft solutions that make them more money than they’re spending, and we love hearing that those solutions worked. Cheers!

And finally, to the LakeExpo staff and freelancers who pour their heart and soul into telling the stories about the place we love. You guys rock! Here’s a list of the awards LakeExpo’s organization and contributors received this year, from the Missouri Press Association’s Better Newspaper Contest.

(The contest is judged by journalists outside Missouri. LakeExpo competed in the Class 2 - Dailies category. Full results here.)

Best Story About The Outdoors - First Place - Sara Halverson, ‘How Armadillos Ended Up At Lake Of The Ozarks (And Three Incredible Abilities That Help Them Survive)’ [Judge comment: “Loved the casual, yet informative tone.”]

Best Online Newspaper/Website - Second Place - LakeExpo Staff [Judge comment: “Good hierarchy of content. While this site is mobile first, the desktop site works well. Good local content.”]

Best Headline Writing - Second Place - Nathan Bechtold, Editor, and LakeExpo Staff

Best Feature Story - Second Place - Nathan Bechtold, ‘The Humble Plumber With A Wild Pontoon’

Best Breaking News Story - Second Place - Sara Halverson & Nathan Bechtold

Best Coverage Of Government - Third Place - Nathan Bechtold, ‘Hostility, Defamation Suits & Retaliation In The County Courthouse’ (series) [Judge comment: “Bizarre series of events here. Reporting was a bit disjointed, but good job sorting through a complicated story.”]

Best Story About Education - Third Place - Nathan Bechtold, ’SPARK! Camdenton Students Get Assignments Kicked Out Of Class For Political Bias’

Best Breaking News Story - Honorable Mention - Janet Dabbs




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