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Lake Of The Ozarks Economic BOOM: Sales Tax Revenue Up By 27% In Camden County This Year

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Lake Of The Ozarks Aerial - Osage Beach - Highway 54

Sales tax revenue is through the roof as the 2021 economy continues to boom. And even after a banner year in 2020, sales tax revenue is up even more this year

According to a press release from the Camden County Commission, this year's sales tax revenue outpaced 2020, sometimes by double digits. 

In 2020, sales tax revenue for the month of May was up 9.39% over 2019.  This year, in 2021, sales tax revenue for May is up 32.53% over 2020 and is up 44.96% over 2019.  June is even higher, with sales tax figures up a whopping 65.61% over June of 2020. 

By the end of 2020, sales tax revenue was up 5.05% for the year over 2019.  So far, as of June, 17, 2021, sales tax revenue for the year is up 27.05% over 2020.

After Covid-19 brought the Lake of the Ozarks to national attention, the Lake of the Ozarks saw a huge increase in the number of visitors. The Lake's Convention & Visitor Bureau estimates 2–4 million people normally visit Lake of the Ozarks in a year; 2020, and now 2021, look to dwarf that number.

Following are the monthly sales tax revenue increases for 2021 over 2020:  

January – up 18.53%             

February – up 20.20%               

March – up 18.64% 

April – up 02.73%

May –   up 32.53%

June – up 65.61%

A press release from the Camden County Commission states, “The commission is very happy to see these kinds of sales tax numbers and are excited at these deeply encouraging economic indicators for our residents, our businesses and our county.”