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Stateside Fishing Gear

Last Updated: November 9, 2022


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About Stateside Fishing Gear

Stateside Fishing Gear was founded in April 2021 with a mission to challenge the everyday fisherman to work and think outside the box, to challenge the norm, to inspire those around them to challenge the norm, inspire those who have never fished to fish.

Stateside Fishing Gear strives to challenge and inspire, try new techniques, colors and actions. Slap on that new color, twitch left, twitch right, cast long or short, whatever it is challenge yourself to break the norm!


Stateside Fishing Gear will take this challenge head-on every day, will you?

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It's getting to be that time of year when magical things start to happen! The leaves begin to change, and the bass begin to make their journey back to the shallows to bulk up before the frigid winter air freezes everything over. Late summer bass often become lethargic because of the heat, making them hard to catch. Any fisherman knows this is frustrating, but never fear because Fall is almost here! 

When Fall finally arrives and the water temperature dips to around 50 degrees, the bite will start to liven again. Shad will begin to run in the backs of coves attracting predators in the area. There are a variety of baits you can use to hook a bass in the fall. Baits such as a Splashy Spinner from Stateside Fishing Gear do a phenomenal job at bringing home a whopper fish. Square-billed cranks, Jerkbaits, and even topwater action will get you the bites you’re looking for. 

During the Fall season, fish are typically in schools so it’s important to cover water quickly! This ensures that you find what you’re looking for…bass, of course! Fish oftentimes can also be found in shallow flats, grass patches, docks, rock walls, and shaded areas. It’s essential to switch up the action on the baits you are using. Each school is different and may not react the same as others.   

Fall is a perfect time to get out there and enjoy what some consider to be bass in their prime. Hungry bass in shallow areas often yield great results for quality and quantity. It's also important to always keep yourself safe! Dressing warm as well as wearing a life jacket and a kill switch if you are on a boat are three safety priorities for the fishing season.

Kick off your Fall bass fishing by checking out the signature lures from Stateside Fishing Gear!

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