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CAMDENTON, Mo. – In just three hours, 509 smoke detectors were given away to locals at the Community Foundation of the Lake and Farmers Insurance's 4th Annual Great Smoke Detector Giveaway.

With help from a $10,000 grant from Farmers Insurance, CFL gave smoke detectors away to anyone with a home in the tri-county area on Oct. 5 in front of the Camden County Courthouse.

The Great Smoke Detector Giveaway has now distributed more than 2,500 early-detection smoke alarms through four events. Approximately 90-100 detectors were donated to Mid-County Fire Protection District for further distribution. Chief Frandsen stated most of them will go to the Macks Creek Fire Dept who has significant need.   

“Over the last four events, we’ve had fantastic support from six local fire districts, adding enormous visibility and valuable education to the event,” said Rick Kruse, Vice Chairman of the Farmers Insurance Board of Governors and Board Member of Community Foundation of the Lake. “Fire districts have also been offering to install detectors for families in need of assistance free of charge.”

Smoke Detector Giveaway 2

Businesses critical to the effort included Farmers Insurance, The Wagner Agency, Menards, Camdenton Save A Lot,, Central Bank of Lake of the Ozarks, Alphagraphics, and Kohl’s volunteers. 

To date, Farmers has contributed $40,000 to the effort through the CFL Disaster Recovery Fund. 

In the spirit of preparedness, CFL is leading the charge locally to raise awareness of its Disaster Recovery Fund. While Farmers Insurance works proactively to prepare families to survive during disaster, CFL is raising funds to support the local community when victimized by unexpected and catastrophic events.

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The CFL Disaster Recovery Fund was created to assist in readiness and relief efforts, efficiently addressing many needs should a disaster occur in our area. “It’s CFL’s goal to make sure local people in need do not fall through the cracks after being victimized by disaster,” CFL President Amy Hernandez said. This Recovery Fund allows flexibility for recovery efforts that might not otherwise be available from the government or volunteers.


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