LAKE OZARK, Mo. — School of the Osage students will be learning from home on Mondays, during the 2020-2021 school year.

The district announced on Tuesday, May 19 what it called "The Osage Plan," which Superintendent Dr. Laura Nelson said "prepares us for potential disruptions including weather, sickness, or other unforeseen circumstances." The district said it will be working closely to train teachers and staff, and does not plan to change the school holiday calendar or the school start date.

The full announcement is below.

The effects of the change will likely be felt the most by families without a stay-at-home parent: work schedules beginning this fall will have to accommodate a parent at home with children on Mondays throughout the school year.

In a video presentation about The Osage Plan, Dr. Nelson pointed out the CARES Act funding from the federal government funneled through Missouri to local school districts requires a plan “so students may continue learning regardless of location, circumstance, or disruption.” Dr. Nelson said School of the Osage is eligible to receive $480,000 from the CARES Act.

Dr. Nelson explained the plan also is designed to help the district pivot "from seated learning to distance learning on very short notice."

View the presentation here:

*School Of The Osage Announcement*

On Tuesday, May 19, 2020, administrators at the School of the Osage shared their plan for the 2020-2021 school year.  Students will participate in traditional classroom learning four days a week, but one day a week will be used for distance or e-learning.

Superintendent Laura Nelson stated, “The heart of our plan is to provide quality learning opportunities for all of our students, while being diligent about their safety and health.  Ultimately, we believe that we must reopen schools in the fall – students need to be in school for so many reasons, but one of our core values is innovation, and we believe that using one day a week for e-learning prepares us for potential disruptions including weather, sickness, or other unforeseen circumstances.”

“The Osage Plan” will begin each week with a day of e-learning, and the remainder of the week will be traditional classroom learning.  The District will provide students, staff and families with supports to assure success of the plan.

Board President Mary Whitman said, “We believe that by providing staff and families a structure for how learning can take place both traditionally and via e-learning, we will be prepared to pivot on short notice.”

District officials shared that clear, concrete training and expectations will be provided to staff so that they can perform their roles confidently. 

The district does not plan to make changes to the school calendar involving such things as vacation, Christmas and winter holidays, or Spring Break.

During an online meeting with staff, administrators shared details of how the plan will be put into place.  Staff viewed a short presentation followed by an opportunity to share questions and answers.  The presentation will also be shared with families and the community this afternoon.

Superintendent Nelson stated, “We understand that there will be bumps in the road, but we are committed to meeting and overcoming whatever challenges we face.  We have a tremendous staff that is capable of doing great things, and because of that, we are confident that this plan will be successful.”

The District is committed to providing regular communications and updates to staff, families and the community. 

To view the staff presentation, visit our website at


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Dr. Laura Nelson


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