Patron At Lake Area Restaurant Tips Server $2,500

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RJ's Family Restaurant

CAMDENTON, Mo. — As business owners, especially in the service sector, worry about the impact of coronavirus shut-downs on their businesses and employees, a patron at a Lake of the Ozarks restaurant on Monday morning helped one waitress worry less.

According to Randy Jung, owner of RJ's Family Restaurant in Camdenton, a man handed his waitress a $2,500 check on Monday morning. The check was folded, and he told the woman not to open it until he left.

"An amazing but true story," Jung said. "There still are kind people left in this world especially with what is going on these days."

Here's the full story, as told by Jung in a Facebook post:

Good morning!! From time to time you read things that people do that are very generous such as leaving a large tip for their server or an anonymous donation. I will admit that I am somewhat skeptical when I hear about it and think that it happens only elsewhere to someone else.

Well, my doubts were put to rest this morning here at RJ’S Family Restaurant. There was a gentleman today(whose name I won’t mention) had breakfast and left a cash tip and in addition to that he handed his server what she thought was a piece of paper and he asked her not to look at it until he was gone. After he left she unfolded what was a check made payable to her for $2500.00. An amazing but true story. There still are kind people left in this world especially with what is going on these days. It’s great to see something positive happen!!!!

Needless to say he made her day! God Bless him!!!!!


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