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xTow: Lake Of The Ozarks' New 'Worry-Free Boating' Club

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Boating is supposed to be a fun, carefree way to spend a summer day at Lake of the Ozarks. But one surefire way to ruin the day is a breakdown, miles from your dock.

A boater who breaks down — whether from a mechanical problem, running out of gas, draining the battery, or overheating — is about to be stuck with a massive expense. It's not just the repair: it's also the tow to get your boat back to the dock. Boat tows on Lake of the Ozarks cost an average of $500, and often go even higher. That's according to Lake Tow, the Lake's exclusive boat towing service provider. Lake Tow hauled more than 1,000 (seriously) boats back to a dock after they broke down, in 2020. A recent tow, they say, cost the boat owner $2,000!

At LakeExpo, we think boating should be worry-free. So we created a club, called XTow, that includes what we like to call "boatside assistance" -- if you break down on the water, your tow is free. And that's why our motto is "Don't Worry, Boat Happy!" (We have a few different membership tiers: most of which include free towing -- so check out for the full details.)

Savvy boaters know they need something just like this. But they also like saving money, so...

For XTow Captain's Club and Admiral's Club members, if you run out of gas or drain the battery while coving out, a jump-start and fuel delivery are free, too!

But the perks don't stop with free boat towing, jump-starts, and fuel delivery. XTow Captain's Club and Admiral's Club members also get free membership to the newly launched LakeExpo Gas Club, which gets boaters 10¢/gal off at our partner marinas.

A breakdown on the Lake is not a matter of "if." It's a matter of "when." And the peace-of-mind provided by an XTow membership is well-worth the annual membership fee: just $159/yr for Captain's Club members. That's $13.25 a month. Not to mention the boat gas savings for members whose favorite place to be is on the water. 10¢/gal adds up fast!

Join XTow & start enjoying LakeExpo Gas Club Member benefits ASAP!

Currently our XTow Member Preferred Marinas are: 

6.5MM & 8MM - Quick Time/Millstone Marina

17MM - MarineMax

34.5MM - Pirate’s Point

5MM Niangua Arm - Montego Bay

And we're looking to add more as we grow!

We also did some research into the most common problems that land boaters in trouble and needing a tow. It turns out most of them are very, very preventable. Here are five of the top reasons:

-Out of gas

-Dead battery


-Mechanical problems

-No sober driver

It causes us deep emotional anguish to know boaters at Lake of the Ozarks this weekend will have their precious time on the water suddenly torpedoed by one of those five things. So we created a No-Tow Checklist. You can get it on as well (just go to the site, count to five, and wait for the popup!). Print it, screenshot it, give copies to your friends. Use it at the beginning of every boating season and before every time you launch. This could save countless boaters' weekends, and can help make them into safer boaters, too.

Let's be honest: boating is far from free. But every time you get on the water, it should feel like freedom. Start boating worry-free, with XTow! Click here to get started.


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