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The Biggest Boating Stories From Lake Of The Ozarks In 2020

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Summer Boating Fun At Lake Of The Ozarks

Plenty of things got cancelled in 2020, but boating stayed afloat. Perfect for getting fresh air and social-distancing-approved, boaters came to Lake of the Ozarks early and stayed late—and some even made the Lake their new permanent home.

All that boating activity was bound to generate some interesting stories, so to help pass the time between now and the next boating season, here are the biggest, most-read boating articles from LakeExpo in 2020.

*LakeExpo's Biggest Boating Stories Of 2020*

1. The Trump Parade

Trump boating parades became a recurring news item across the nation last summer, as boaters from coast to coast showed their support for the President's re-election bid. One of the early parades took place at Lake of the Ozarks, and hundreds of boaters came out for a day on the water to support The Donald. Photos of the parade went viral. Check them out below:

2. Boaters, Heroes

Among our best-read stories of the year was LakeExpo's coverage of two separate boating incidents in which bystanders became heroes.

3. New No-Wake Zone Targets Big Boats

This one stirred up LakeExpo readers. A new Limited No-Wake Zone meant to shield docks along a 6-mile stretch of Lake of the Ozarks was met with strong opinions from both sides. The Limited No-Wake Zone only applies to boats longer than 39 feet, and the Water Patrol says they'll only be focusing enforcement on cruisers and yachts, not high-performance boats that—while longer than 39 feet—don't generate a significant wake. A LakeExpo reader survey showed the vast majority approve of the change.

4. Late Night Boat Crash Kills One, Injures Four

The Lake of the Ozarks Convention and Visitor Bureau estimates several million people visit the Lake annually, and most of them are likely here for a day or few on the water. The vast majority enjoy the Lake without accident or incident, but in one case last summer, catastrophe struck. A woman was killed and four people were injured when two boats collided just after midnight. The driver of one of the boats was charged with Boating While Intoxicated.

5. Gypsy Rose Sinks To Davy Jones' Locker

Gypsy Rose, the piratey-themed boat moored at Captain Ron's Bar & Grill, sailed her last voyage in 2019. LakeExpo broke the news in 2020 that the boat was unglamorously sunk in a rainstorm late in 2019. The boat, tied up at a dock, sank after heavy rainfall, and was totaled.

6. A Record-Setting Spring

Many Lake of the Ozarks businesses in the marine industry said they had never had a better spring than in 2020. Cooped-up Americans came to the Lake