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Shore Magazine 2022 Hot Off The Presses! Here's A Peek At What's Inside & How To Order

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Shore Magazine 2022

The newest issue of the Lake of the Ozarks' one-of-a-kind boating magazine, Shore, is here.

Well, that is to say, the print version is here. The ideas for Shore's 2022 issue have been floating around in our heads and conversations for months on end. And the stories from Shore 2022, well, they've been here for years -- some for decades or more than a century; we just finally got the chance to tell them.

Order Your Copy, Shipped to your Door -->>

Shore Magazine is a 166-page dive into everything boating, exclusively at Lake of the Ozarks. From guides to unique sights on the shoreline, to stories of the Lake's "pre-history," interviews with incredible entrepreneurs, to reader-submitted photos of the perfect day on the Lake, this magazine is an exploration of the depth of experience that makes Lake of the Ozarks such a special place. It's a collaboration between and Showcase Publishing, the Lake of the Ozarks' major magazine publisher.

What will you find in Shore 2022? Here's a peek...

-The Lake You Never Knew: we highlight unique spots on the shoreline that you may not have known about, but you’ll want to visit

-Stellar Shots: why the cellphone photos you take from the boat stink, and how to take better ones

-Strange Shots: 4 drinks you'll only find at a place like Lake of the Ozarks!

-Lost Towns: explore communities built long before the dam, that disappeared beneath the waters of the Lake

-Fishing or Flailing: there’s a new school of anglers cropping up… but are their ways better than the old ways?

-Life on the Small Waters: many boaters never venture upstream of the 40MM, but here be adventures!

-And much more!

Distribution of Shore Magazine to select racks across the Lake area will begin this week. You can grab a copy off any rack, for free! But Shore's pretty popular, and some people prefer to have it delivered straight to their door. If that's you, order your copy of Shore here -->>

It also makes a unique Christmas gift for someone who loves Lake of the Ozarks!

The first 5,000 copies of of Shore 2022 will mostly be distributed at regional boat shows: Overland Park, St. Charles, and the Spring In-Water Boat Show. Then we'll distribute another round with a new cover, at waterfront hotspots around the Lake of the Ozarks. Stay tuned for distribution points if you'd rather spring on a copy of Shore once it hits racks (we're still getting our racks placed).

You can also read the entire 2022 issue online, digitally, for free. Click here to read the 2022 issue as well as our previous issues.