SB49, a Missouri Senate bill that will change laws about dock blocking, has made it to Governor Mike Parson’s desk.

The Missouri Senate website the summarizes the bill this way:

“This act prohibits vessels positioned within 100 feet of a permitted boat dock from being anchored in a manner that obstructs ingress or egress of watercraft to or from the dock, unless authorized by the boat dock permit holder. The act also provides that no person shall secure a vessel to or enter upon a private permitted boat dock unless authorized to do so by the boat dock permit holder, or as specified in the act. A violation of these provisions shall be an infraction.

This act also specifies that operating or positioning a vessel in a manner that obstructs or impedes the normal flow of traffic on the waters of this state shall be an infraction, rather than a Class C misdemeanor for a first offense or a Class B misdemeanor for a second or subsequent offense.”

The bill, sponsored by Senator Justin Brown who represents District 16 which includes Camden, Crawford, Dent, Phelps, and Pulaski counties, was prefiled in January of 2020. Now that the bill is on the governor's desk, it shouldn’t be long before the Lake of the Ozarks will know the bills final fate.

If signed, SB49 will go into effect on August 28th. For more information, check out LakeExpo’s previous coverage on SB49 here: