OSAGE RIVER — The Missouri State Highway Patrol has closed the Osage River to recreational boating, due to what the Patrol called "deteriorating safety conditions as a result of flooding and to prevent further property damage."

The Osage is closed to recreational boating from Bagnell Dam to the Missouri River.

Missouri Department of Public Safety Director Sandy Karsten authorized the closure to recreational traffic pursuant to Revised Missouri Statutes 306.124(3) in consultation with the Patrol. The Patrol’s Water Patrol Division says it has been closely monitoring the river and determined conditions on the Osage from the Missouri River to Bagnell Dam are no longer conducive to a safe recreational boating environment, due to the strong current and excessive debris.

Flooded rivers and streams with strong currents present some of the most dangerous situations a boater can encounter, the Patrol explained. Fast-moving water can capsize or flip a boat or personal watercraft.

Additionally, the Patrol pointed out that closing this section of the Osage River to recreational traffic will reduce further damage to docks and other property as a result of flooding.

The closure will remain in effect until further notice.


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